Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Can't Believe How Great I Feel


'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel'
Writing by Amy Prior
Drawings by Sarah Doyle

Preview Event: Sunday January 7 at
Curzon Soho
Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1

Short documentary about the book - including music by DJ /Rupture - showing
as part of week-long film festival at the Curzon Soho/I.C.A.
Film programme screens 1.30-4pm, then readings from the book (as part of the
festival 'Afternoon of Performance and Music') from 4-6pm

More gallery, festival and other events in London from March

Published by JUNCTURE in March 2007 (ISBN 978-0-9554957-0-0)
Distribution in the U.S. (SPD)/U.K. via independent and gallery bookstores;
worldwide online distribution

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So Sad

Exhibition opens on Saturday 13th January at 5pm 2007
and will run for one week

The theme of the exhibition is sadness, or being sad.

The Guy Hilton Gallery
35 Fournier Street

Contributing are:
Mark McGowan, Brian Catling, Will Self, Sarah Doyle, Bob and Roberta Smith, Centre of Attention, Richard Dedomenici, JJ Charlesworth, The Fucks, Stella Vine, Sacha Craddock, Marcia Farqhuar, Andrew Hunt, Jessica Voorsanger and Harry Pye.

Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street, Shoreditch Station

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Marmite Prize

"The most important painting prize the world has ever seen. The Marmite Prize"

The prize will be judged by a distinguished panel of artists and curators
Mark McGowan (performance artist)
Harry Pye (artist and independent curator)
and Dallas Seitz (artist and director of 1,000,000mph project space)
The Marmite Prize is curated by Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran.

Opening at The Residence on Thursday the 14th December 6 - 9pm.

The show runs from 15th - 17th December 06
Open: 10am - 6pm

Heres the address -
The Residence
168a Victoria Park Road
E9 7HD

Nearest Tube: Mile End, Bethnal Green
Bus: 277, 388*
*only from Hackney Wick

Monday, November 20, 2006

For Peel

I'm part of a John Peel Tribute show called "For Peel"

Exhibition opens on Thursday 23rd November 2006 7pm.

The show runs from 24th November - 23rd December 06
Open: Weds - Sun 1 - 6

All the artists involved have chosen one of the bands that did a session for the lovely John Peel to make a piece of work about, I chose Fuzzbox

Heres the address -
No More Grey Gallery
24 Redchurch St
London, E2 7DJ

The show is sponsored by Red Stripe and curated by Harry Pye.
Artists featured in the show include; Pascale Bertier, Gordon Beswick, Phil Collins, Marcus Cope with David Smith, Kev Cummins, Anka Dabrowska, Peter Davies, Steve Double, Sarah Doyle, Martin Dukes, Jamie Dyson, Lee Edwards, Rachael Field, Jean-Paul Francisco, Peter Harris, Paul Hamilton, Thomas Hawes, David Hoyle, Dan Kennedy-Martin, Knox, Cressida Kocienski, Lady Lucy, Richard Lamy, William Leary, The Little Artists, Cathy Lomax, Bob London, Geoff Lucas, Kate Lyddon, Lee Maelzer, Max Mason, Hugh Mendes, Christina Miltreatse, Stephanie Moran, Kate McMorrine, John Moseley, John Mulligan, Liz Murray, Natasha Newton, Marcus Oliver, Parched Art, Klarita Pandolfi, Lucy Pawlak, Cornelia Poole, Francis Poole, Howard Read, Kes Richardson, William Riley, Jacquelyn Rixon, Adrian R. Shaw, Frank Sidebottom, Rowland Smith, Bob & Roberta Smith, Sarah Sparkes, Edward Todd, Barry Thompson, Sandra Turnbull, Jessica Voorsanger, Ed Ward, Julian Wakeling, Phil Wilson-Perkin.
Exhibition includes free fanzine with contributions from Arthur Smith, Ted Chippington, Andrew Collins among others, and a free exclusive CD with 12 brand new songs by artists including Mick Harvey, PJ Harvey, Lol Coxhill, Cornershop and more.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Celebrated Sobriquets aka Always Known As

My solo show Celebrated Sobriquets aka Always Known As opens at The Surgery Gallery on the 10th November 6:30 - 9pm

The show runs from 11th November - 3rd December
Open: fri - sun 12-6
or by appointment

see some of the Celebrated Sobriquets here

Heres the address -

The Surgery Gallery
123 Evelina Road
London, SE15

Rail: Nunhead, Queens Road, Peckham
Bus: 78, P12

Press Release:
The Surgery is very proud to be hosting Sarah Doyle's

Sarah Doyle’s work explores the construction of identity through visual culture.
She has recently been using the nicknames and alter egos teenagers give themselves in her work. You will most likely have seen examples of such nicknames written on walls around most areas and as alias names on community sites such as Myspace.
Part of the show includes a Myspace portal created by Sarah Doyle where teenagers’ blurb from Myspace is regurgitated by young Victorian girls and showgirls.
The work examines playing at being adult, pretending, mimicking, and the desperation of trying to fit in.

The title: Celebrated Sobriquets is a play on the title of the Tennessee Williams drama “The Celebrated Soubrette,” a “slapstick tragedy” about an ageing showgirl whose eyes are plucked out by birds as she desperately attempts to relive her routines to impress her new acquaintances.

The original title “Soubrette” is changed to “Sobriquet” for the show to relate to the pseudonym theme. The nature of Tennessee Williams’s women was that they were tragic heroines. They would create a life they would rather inhabit, and then try to convince those around them that this lie was the truth. The girls from the show Celebrated Sobriquets also try to present a front they would like others to believe by pretending to be their aliases - “Lady Diamond” or “Thug Angel,” for example. The show at The Surgery incorporates these names made from discarded teenagers’ clothing. The clothing is painstakingly shaped into childlike bubble writing creating these often-bombastic nicknames. This work is shown alongside works on mirrors, the mirror pieces also include the nicknames along with portraits of young girls. The viewer looks into the mirror and can see their own face inside the face of the young girls. These mirror pieces incorporate nail varnish as paint. The young girls are all taken from pictures taken by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). His portfolio of photographic images mainly consisted of young girls and showgirls taken from music halls.

Forty Two

I have an animation piece in "42" an exhibition at Three Colts Gallery which opens on the 3rd November 6:30 - 9:00pm

The show runs from 4th - 26th November
Open: fri - sun 12-6

42" - forty two artists make work about: "... the ultimate answer to the ultimate question".

Read more about my piece for the show on the 42 exhibition site

curated by Sarah Sparkes

Sarah Sparkes, Helen Barff, Marq Kearey, John Dale, Sarah Doyle, Ami Clarke, Lee Maelzer, Harry Pye, Robert Currie, Beverley Daniels, Stevie Deas, Angela Gill, Sean O’Connor, Jim Dunkley, Pamela McBain, Jennifer Baumeister, Rowland Smith, Leila Miller, Steve Rushton, Edward Ward, John McCleod, Diana Percival, Adrian Galpin, Jennifer Merrell, Pete Mountford, GeraldineSwayne, Fiona Campbell, Bob Read, DJ Roberts, Sarah Newson, David Leapman, Phill Wilson-Perkin, Libby Shearon, Simon Neville, Chloe Briggs, Julian Wakeling, John Workman, Matthew Stradling, Jennifer Talbot, Michael Sinclair, Stella Wilkins, Aileen Neal

Heres the address -

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207 (2nd Floor)
Greenheath Business Centre
Three Colts Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2
United Kingdom

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Through The Large Glass

Dare You Step "Through The Large Glass"

Through The Large Glass exhibition opens on the 6th October 6-9 at Three Colts Gallery

The show runs from 7th - 29th October
Open: fri - sun 12-6

'Through The Large Glass" is a group show from the makers of "The Circus Show"

A surreal extravaganza of make-believe, fantasy, invention and role play. The exhibition will featre pen night performances, paintings, installations, sculptures and more.

curated by Stephanie Moran and Marcus Cope

Jonathan Baldock, Alex Brown, Dana Brintz, Ruth Calland, Toby Clarkson, Marcus Cope, Sohrab Crews, The Crisps, Sarah Doyle, Martin Dukes, Tom Eastop, Jennifer Harding, Jackson Webb, Kate Lyddon, Stephanie Moran, Oscillatorial Binnage, Klarita Pandolfi, Elaine Parry, Harry Pye, Kes Richardson, Geoff Ridgen, dai Roberts, Mimei Thompson, Jonathan Waller, Chris Weaver, Dan Wilson

Heres the address -

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207 (2nd Floor)
Greenheath Business Centre
Three Colts Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2
United Kingdom

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Summer Screening Events
July & August 2006

Event 2: Thurs 3 Aug, 7pm

Screening Event 2: Thurs 3 August, 7pm
Exhibition: 4-6 August, 12-6pm

Participating artists: Alfie Leahy, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Bianca Edmonds, Cecilia Lundqvist, Christopher Stevens, Helen Fletcher, Laurie Hill, Matt Allan, Miho Matsuda, Roderick Mills & Rosie Pedlow, Sarah Doyle. Blink is the first of a series of open submission projects set to take place annually at Gasworks. The project has been led by a desire to see new work and to do so through a more transparent and democratic method of research. Gasworks is committed to working with emerging artists and such a project enables us to connect with artists directly at a grassroots level.

155 Vauxhall Street
London SE11 5RH
UK T:+44 (0)20 7582 6848
F:+44 (0)20 7582 0159

Tube: Vauxhall/Oval
Bus: 2, 36, 88, 133, 185, 436

Gasworks is open
Wednesday - Sunday

This Spring Gasworks opened the floodgates inviting submissions from artists working with animation across the UK. The deluge of responses has revealed some highly original works from practitioners across the country many of whom were previously unknown to Gasworks. These three events will explore the idea of animation and demonstrate the scope of work being produced within that field. For practitioners they may also provide invaluable exposure to a new and wider audience. The selectors: Haluk Akakçe, who has exhibited widely at venues such as PS1, New York; Istanbul Biennial; Kunst-Werke, Berlin; and is currently in The British Art Show 6.
Nav Haq, curator at Gasworks.
Saskia Olde Wolbers, winner of Beck’s Futures 2004 and also currently participating in The British Art Show 6.

Visit Gasworks website for more details

For further information please contact
Sangeeta Sathe
Tel: 020 7582 6848
Fax: 020 7582 0159

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Monstrous Tales

The Monstrous Tales show at APT Gallery opens in August

11 - 20 Aug 2006
Thursday-Sunday, 1-6pm
Private view Thursday 10th August 6 - 8pm

Oreet Ashery, Yason Banal, Teodora Buba, Gary Colclough, Christina Corfield, Sarah Doyle, Joe Duggan, Lisa Finnegan-Smith, Angela Cockayne, Craig Fisher, Nick Hornby, Gabrielle O'Connor, Anita Mudaliar.

‘Monstrous Tales’ brings together an exciting mix of artists who employ humour, absurdity and spectacle to investigate and portray the monstrous, the bizarre, and the shocking. Through the use of satirical humour Monstrous Tales will question, reveal and expose the monsters that we have become accustomed to within the media, film, and the everyday, allowing the viewer to confront the unfamiliar within the familiar. These monsters are not only the hairy, drooling, sharp teethed creatures that live under children’s beds, they are stars of reality TV, plastic surgery freaks, countries who rage war, stories in children’s books, or celebrities whose life’s are lived out through trashy magazines. On the evening of the private view Nick Hornby will be performing a sound piece that involves brining a car in to the gallery space, Oreet Ashery and Stephen Wilson will perform ‘Three Sons’.

APT Gallery
Harold Works
6 Creekside

Deptford (via London Bridge / Deptford Bridge DLR)

020 8694 8344
New Exhibitions listing

Monday, June 26, 2006

Kitson Kaleidoscope

I will doing a performance for the Kitson Kaleidoscope project, part of The Camberwell Arts Festival

A two hour collaborative performance beamed live via webcast from James Ford's bedroom in Camberwell, London. Utilising Yahoo messenger I.D. kitsonkaleidoscope for live feed and chat.

Wednesday 28th June 2006, 6-8pm
Kitson Road
London SE5 7LF
Organised by Mark McGowan and James R Ford

A vicarious mash of artists, carrying on from where Jeanie Cam (first ever live webcam performance) left off. All participants will be performing within the small, pixelated televisual field of the webcam, in the site-specific physical space of a domestic bedroom (these factors could be considered restrictive or liberating).
Contact to request login details for a Yahoo email account which can then be used to view the live performance.

Part of The Camberwell Arts Festival, 24th June - 2nd July 2006

Brian Catling
C. Cred
Richard Dedominici
Sarah Doyle
James R Ford
Russell Herron
Calum F Kerr
Sally O'Reilly
Simon Ould
Olivia Jane Ransley
Paula Roush
Carina Thorén and John Chantler

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Whitstable Splashdown

Saturday the 3rd June and the 17th June I will be in Whitstable for the Splashdown, a programme of events organised by Space Station 65, coinciding with the Whitstable Biennale

I have been invited to do my Popstar Makeovers for the event. So be prepared for many Siouxsie Sioux, David Bowies and other popstars with big makeup to have lookalikes prepared for a day out by the sea.

If you would like to come to the Splashdown, here is the address -

Whitstable Tennis Courts
West Beach
Coastguards Alley
Island Wall
Kent CT5

Splashdown, Whitstable dates and artists taking part:

03/06/2006 - Sarah Doyle, Jon Hicks, Daniel Lehan, Kieron Dennis, Justine Pearsall
17/06/2006 - Sarah Doyle, Daniel Lehan, Marcia Farquhar, Kieron Dennis, Justine Pearsall

Obsolete Technology

I have a piece of my knitted cassette work in the Obsolete Technology at Here Gallery in Bristol

3rd - 25th June 2006
open Tues - Sat 12:30 - 6:30pm

"Obsolete Technology" group show in conjunction with the Venn Festival and the Cube Cinema

Here Gallery
108 Stokes Croft

Monday, May 22, 2006

Paperworld Show

Paperworld Show
Originally uploaded by purestar.
The Paperworld show at Transition Gallery is well worth a visit. I'm not just saying that cause I have work in it. Its a lovely show, so do pop into
Paperworld at Transition Gallery for a look.

Have a look at some pics of the show here

Friday, May 05, 2006


I will be showing in the Paperworld at Transition Gallery later this month.

20 May - 18 June 2006  - Fri-Mon 12-6pm

Private View: Friday 19 May 6.30–9.00pm

Please note the gallery will be closed on Monday 29 May

Transition has changed address so make sure you come to the new one, here it is -

Transition Gallery
Unit 25a Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN

Here is the Press Release for the show:

Paper is a vital element in the armoury of the artist fantasist. It can be twisted and folded, glued, stapled, printed, cut out, laminated and fashioned into a whole imaginary world, a facsimile of the real world. 

Paperworld draws on ideas of consumerism, authenticity, value, desire and the imagination to present an array of objects made by artists from paper and card. Displayed in a faux shop setting these cut, pasted and scrawled artefacts sit defiantly in their luxxy glass cases in the Paperworld emporium. The artefacts on display range from beautifully fashioned diamond drawings over worked on exercise book pages to cardboard cameras to lovingly photocopied and stapled fanzines.

Roy Brown plants paper weeds made from recycled junk mail into the gallery’s nooks and crannies

Rachel Cattle presents the homemade horror of ‘The Cardboard Films’ (made with Steve Richards) alongside fairytale objects made of packing tape

Sarah Doyle’s wannabe jewellery is copied from a catalogue then laminated to last.

Sian Emmison’s eerie advertising is sourced from a myriad media sources, a hand drawn simulacrum of the real thing.

Leo Fitzmaurice reconfigures boxes, making them into Modernist sculptures and cigarette packet football shirts.

Arabella Lee’s zoetrope features a series of galloping paper horses

Peter Liversidge lovingly fashions cardboard copies of retro technology accompanied by paintings of corporate logos

Tim Machin cuts up newspaper landscapes to make delicate stand up sculptures

Nichola Ollis has detourned the Argos Catalogue creating a series of pages with nothing to buy.

Kavel Rafferty's shoebox shop recalls a childhood of Blue Peter making

Rosemary Shirley contributes Modernist constructions formed from fusions between jewellery and sci-fi alongside her delicate drawings of jewels.

Harry Ward contributes a papier mache recreation of Princess Diana’s funeral procession.
Publications by
Transition Editions (Arty, The Critical Friend, Garageland), Kathryn Cooper (The Solutions 3) Rosemary Shirley (Leisure Centre), Pin Up, Sarah Doyle (‘Helping You Find The Right Jewellery’ and ‘Lyrical Cru Activity Book’), Savage Mesiah, Harry Pye, Sam Dargan (Neverlutionary), Rachel Cattle (‘Don’t Stray From the Path’), Tangent, High Horse, Delaine Le Bas, Jimmy Medway ('Graff tales - The Urban Adventures of Smudge'), Sian Emmison (Surrey Girl with Sparkle), Interlude

See more images from Paperworld here on Flickr

The Look Book

Alex Michon is in a great new book written by Paul Gorman called The Look. It really is a great read, the chapter on Alex tells her story of creating clothes for The Clash.
Buy it here

Alex also puts together the great magazine "The Critical Friend", which I have couple of reviews in for issue four.
You can get your hands on a copy of that as well here

Thursday, April 20, 2006

London Zine Symposium Exhibition

This year's London Zine Symposium exhibition is to focus on artwork and illustration that has been used within fanzines to illuminate and decorate interviews, articles and reviews.

I have some of my own drawings in the exhibition which were featured in Arty Magazine's Children issue. My article is all about Scoubiedous which were a popular playground craze during 2005.

So if you fancy a look at my Scoubiedou piece and a browse/shop for some other great zines pop along to Russell Square on Saturday 22nd

22nd April
12pm - 6pm
London Zine Symposium 2006
21 Russell Square

Monday, April 17, 2006

Peter Cushing's Makeup in Whitstable

We visited Whitstable this Easter where Space Station 65 Gallery will be staging an art event alongside the Whitstable Biennale called "Splashdown". I will be doing my art piece "Popstar Makeovers" as part of this event. So if you fancy coming to Whistable on June the 3rd or 17th you might be lucky enough to get made over to look like a popstar of your choice...

While we were in Whitstable we visited the local museum where there is a lovely tribute to Peter Cushing who used to live there. This is a photo of his makeup from the museum. Quite fitting really as my art piece will involve a lot of makeup too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eel Fundraiser

I will be selling some zines and stuff at the Eel fundraiser this Sunday the 9th April at The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club

It opens at 7:30

Proceeds go towards the next issue of The Eel and the August Vyner street Festival.
It would be dandy to see you there.

Bethnal Green WorkingMens Club
40-42 Pollard Row
London, E2 6NB

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Circus Show

The Circus Show
Originally uploaded by purestar.
The work in nail varnish on etched mirror at the Circus Show

have a look at some images of the show here

Monday, March 13, 2006

Circus Show Review

The Circus Show opening at Three Colts Gallery on Friday was fun and Russell Herron has written all about it on his blog...

He took some really nice pics on the night too

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Circus Show at Three Colts Gallery

I'm part of the Circus Show exhibition which opens on the 10th March 6-9 at Three Colts Gallery

The show runs from 11th March - 2nd April
Open: fri - sun 12-6

'The Circus Show" is a group show inspired by Alexander Calder's Circus that celebrates the spectacle and the crowd, play and transformation.

organised by Stephanie Moran and Marcus Cope

Heres the address -

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207 (2nd Floor)
Greenheath Business Centre
Three Colts Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2
United Kingdom

have a look at some images of the show here

Here is the Press Release for the show:

Step up, Roll up, Dress up, Pucker up, Bottoms up…. Three Colts Gallery are proud to present their most daring show to date. ‘The Circus Show’ is a group show inspired by Alexander Calder’s Circus that celebrates the spectacle and the crowd, play and transformation. The show will feature opening night performances, installations, paintings, sculptures - and more! On the opening night the audience will be invited (among other things) to Throw Custard Pies at a Tired Old Clown, Beat up a Traffic Warden with sticks, and win prizes for assaulting masochistic paintings. If that’s not enough they can chuckle at the giant clown’s arse poking through the ceiling and enjoy the musical performances. All the action will be filmed and shown as part of the exhibition. On entering the space you will be offered a carnival mask, confronted by an Elephant Podium that you will be required to manoeuvre around and encounter a field mic designed for hunting interplanetary sounds of endangered or magical nature. You can explore the burnt out dwelling of the clown who has run away from the Circus, and avoid the gigantic squirty flower that he left behind. More voyeuristically there will be an installation documenting the transformative process of a sex change operation and a miniature ‘Backstage at the Circus’ tableaux. You will not be alone in this experience though, for the walls shall bear their own spectators, a cast of characters to include a painted obituary of Sam the Worlds Ugliest Dog, a photo of Tony Blair and a head made entirely from plasticine. Alexander Calder used the circus as a place of fun, joy, motion. It allowed him to push the boundaries of what art could be - through play. The Circus also represents a site of chaos and excess, of mutation and exchange in the spirit of Bakhtinian liberation, of the ‘carnivalesque’. The Circus Show will be an exhibition of the clownish, comedic and grotesque or absurd. It will display the acrobatic and transformative; there will be metamorphoses between human and machine, privileging the crowd over the individual. So come along, we’ll have a gay old time! Cast: Jonathan Allen, Louise Andersson-Gylden, Craig Andrews, George Barker & Patrick Gould, Pascale Berthier, Betty Borthwick, Nik Carrick, Ross Casswell, John Chantler & Carina Thorén, Toby Clarkson, Lucienne Cole, Emma Coleman, Marcus Cope, Peter Darkin, Robert Dennis, Peter Denman, Sarah Doyle, Martin Dukes, Oliver Dungey, Lloyd Durling, Louisa Durose, Jamie Dyson, Tom Eastop, Zavier Ellis, Georgina Hooper, Calum F. Kerr, Richard Lamy, Mark McGowan, Hugh Mendes, John Miers, Stephanie Moran, Natalie Moran, Liz Murray, Sean O’Connor, Simon Ould, Klarita Pandolfi, David Parry, Lucy Pawlak, Harry Pye, Nicola Razores, Joseph Richards, Kes Richardson, Dai Roberts, Shawn Ryan, Julian Wakeling, Jonathan Waller, Edward Ward, Phillip Wilson-Perkin.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Interlude Magazine Launch

I Will be selling some of my books at the Interlude Magazine Issue 3 Launch event on the 25th Feb which starts at 7pm

Do RSVP by clicking here if you'd like to come along

The event will take place at:
Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Rd

Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Get my drawings on your phone!

a very Happy New Year of the Dog to you!

You can download some of my drawings onto your phone from the Start Mobile site now!

Download one now to make your phone super cool!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paper Jewellery Is So Hot For 2006

Not only has the lovely Sylvia from the fab NYC based group Kudu been sporting my drawn earrings recently.

But the earrings are also featured as a must buy item in the current issue of Disorder Magazine

Drawn earrings are the only way to adorn your earlobes in 2006!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marmalade Supergroup

Happy 2006! - heres my first news for the new year

I did the drawings for the "How to Build a Supergroup" interview with Paul Epworth in Marmalade Magazine

Paul Epworth writes and produces music for bands and musicians as diverse as the Sugababes, Babyshambles, The Streets, the Kills, Bloc Party, Tom Vek and Kano as well as playing with his own band Lomax. He was asked by the magazine to create his ultimate Frankenstein band and I was invited to draw them.

Its available now in good bookshops (the interview is on pages 58 and 59)