Friday, November 12, 2010

Art Blitz

25-27 November 2010, 12-6pm
Live event: 27 November, 7-9pm

Transition Gallery
Unit 25a Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN

Henny Acloque, Susan Aldworth, Dominic Allan, Phillip Allen, Michael Ajerman, Majed Aslam, Emi Avora, David Blandy, Sarah Baker, Mike Bartlett, Olly Beck, Kirsty Buchanan, Jorge Cabieses, Caravan Gallery, Rachel Cattle, Jake Clark, Jessica Coates, Andrew Curtis, Sam Dargan, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Tom Hunter, Leo Fitzmaurice, Kate Garner, Damian Griffiths, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Hebson, Sigrid Holmwood, Paul Housley, Jasper Joffe, Reece Jones, Paul Kindersley, Lady Lucy, Peter Lamb, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Mindy Lee, Iwan Lewis, Peter Liversidge, Hayley Lock, Cathy Lomax, Jeff McMillan, Zoe Mendelson, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Marianne Morild, Paul Murphy, Harry Pye, Marcus Oakley, Laura Oldfield Ford, Michael O’Mahony, James Payne, Alex Pearl, Edd Pearman, Mike Perry, Claire Pestaille, Rachel Potts, Princess Julia, Emma Puntis, Clunie Reid, Norbert Schoerner, Twinkle Troughton, Yinka Shonibare, Corinna Spencer, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Alli Sharma, Katherine Tulloh, Lara Viana, Stella Vine, Jessica Voorsanger, David Webb, Jo Wilmot, Rose Wylie, Isabel Young, Yolanda Zappaterra
Nicholas Serota’s recent comments that the government's funding cuts will cause an 'arts blitzkrieg' have inspired Transition Gallery to stage ART BLITZ, a fundraising event which references and updates the confrontational politics and unique style of the 1980s.

For eight years, the artist-run gallery, Transition, has been at the forefront of the East London art scene, staging exhibitions and producing exceptional publications (including Garageland and Arty). With the ill wind of spending cuts threatening to curtail the gallery’s progress, Transition have garnered the support of many leading artists and will be launching a not-to-be-missed art auction on this website on 15 November. Viewing will be in the form of an exhibition at Transition from 25-27 November, culminating in a live auction on the evening of Saturday 27 November. Bidding will be possible in advance online or by telephone or at the live event. There will also be an ARTY DIP where £10 will secure an original drawing or print many of which have featured in Arty.

The call to arms for ART BLITZ has been phenomenal with artists including Yinka Shonibare, Clunie Reid, David Blandy, Stella Vine, Phillip Allen, Sigrid Holmwood, Rose Wylie, Paul Housley, Eleanor Moreton, Tom Hunter, Laura Oldfield Ford, Emma Talbot, Jessica Voorsanger and Delaine Le Bas donating work to the auction and ARTY DIP.

Much of the work has been produced specially for ART BLITZ and this will be a rare chance to purchase art by influential contemporary artists whilst supporting the work of one of London’s most important artist-run spaces.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

400 Women

12-30 November 2010

Shoreditch Town Hall Basement, 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT

Private View: 11 November

An exhibition of new work by 200 artists including Tracey Emin, Maggi Hambling, Swoon and Humphrey Ocean, responding to the widespread murders of women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

This ambitious project was conceived by artist Tamsyn Challenger in response to the brutal murder and rape of more than 400 women over a decade in the US border town of Ciudad Juárez and the region of Chihuahua in Mexico. 200 artists have each painted one of the murdered women, confronting us with and safeguarding in our memory the dead and disappeared. The exhibition is curated by Ellen Mara De Wachter, a curator and writer based in London.
Challenger says:
“This project began in 2005 when I was commissioned to make a feature for BBC Radio 4’s Woman's Hour. I travelled to Mexico and met with some of the families and was struck by their need to hand me postcards that had been generated as another aid to finding their loved ones. These images were black, white and pink and poorly produced but they started the concept in my mind and on the long flight home I had a half formed idea for what has become the project 400 Women. The concept relies heavily on a large-scale collaboration and, for me, each participating artist represents one of the murdered women, in some way invoking her, so that she can challenge humanity. Each image produced will stand as a statement against gender violence.”
Explanations for the murders, which continue to this day, range from serial killers to organ fielding, the use of women as prizes for drug cartels and domestic violence. Most sinister of all is the possibility of so-called sexual violence tourism. The continued disappearance of women in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America evidences a culture’s disregard for the rights of women. Despite media coverage of the issue, the murder of 186 Women in 2009 and the disappearance of many more attest to the fact that little is changing. The killers continue to enjoy impunity in the region, which has had a knock-on effect throughout the country and the region. Amnesty International has reported that in Guatemala more than 2,200 women have been murdered since 2001.The Mexican authorities have seriously mishandled each investigation into these murders and in August 2006 the Mexican federal government dropped its investigations into the murders, concluding that no federal laws had been violated.
The majority of the murdered women were extremely poor. Challenger has obtained over 100 images through Amnesty International's Mexican team, the group Nuestra Hijas de regreso a casa, and the Casa Amiga Rape Crisis centre in Ciudad Juárez. For some women no image is extant. In these cases, the artist involved will use the woman’s name as they wish within the piece.

· Each image will be on a uniformly sized canvas of 14” by 10” (portrait) echoing the “retablo” (which means ‘behind the altar’), the iconic imagery of the Catholic Church that remains such a strong force and power in Mexico.
· Challenger’s 2006 Woman’s Hour feature on the killings can be heard at
· Information about the project’s development and images of works as they are painted can be previewed at
· Tamsyn Challenger trained at Winchester School of Art and KIAD. Her work has been exhibited in the Truman Brewery and Candid Arts in London. She has worked as a collaborative artist with the Magdalena Festival in Barcelona and with Triangle theatre. Tamsyn's first solo show 'The Tamsynettes' was at Transition Gallery in Bethnal Green in March 2010. She has also produced documentary work for the BBC, 'My Male Muse' receiving Radio 4's 'Pick of the Year' accolade.
· Ellen Mara De Wachter is a curator and writer based in London. Her main occupation is as the exhibitions curator at Zabludowicz Collection in Camden, where she has worked with artists on major commissions and exhibitions for the Zabludowicz Collection’s space at 176 Prince of Wales Road, including Matt Stokes, Graham Hudson, Mark Titchner and Toby Ziegler.
· Lise Bjorne Linnert is a multimedia artist based in Norway. Desconocida Unknown Ukjent uses embroidery to highlight the struggle to address the abuse, trafficking and murder of women. The project was initiated in 2006 in response to the situation in Ciudad Juárez and consists of workshops during which participants embroider the names of the murdered young women onto labels. So far over 2,200 people have participated in the project, embroidering more than 4,000 nametags. The project was awarded the Luleaa Summer Biennial Award in 2007.
· Shoreditch Town Hall Basement is a unique venue in the heart of artistic Shoreditch. Built in 1866 and now run by the Shoreditch Trust, the building has been used for exhibitions of work by internationally renowned artists and community projects alike.

For further information contact Ellen Mara De Wachter (07957 336 464) or Tamsyn Challenger (07714 126 166) or email

Confirmed artists:
Alastair Adams, Susan Aldworth, Carolina Ambida, Wendy Anderson, Jane Archer, Miranda Argyle, Bridgette Ashton, Joseph Avery, Dan Baldwin, Craig Barber, Mike Bartlett, Clare Barton-Harvey, John Beard, Rosemary Beaton, Julie Bennett, Paul Birdsall, Jason Bowyer, Lesley Burr, Ruth Calland, Ilinca Cantacuzino, Phil Cath, Rachel Cattle, Brian Catling, Gordon Cheung, Coral Churchill, Tom Coates, Emma Coleman, Tintin Cooper, Simon Davis, John Devane, Nelly Dimitranova, Alejandro Domingo, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Louise Durose, Joel Ely, Tracey Emin, Andrew Festing, Maryam Foroozanfor, Paul Fryer, Sue Golden, Oona Grimes, Gabor Gyory, Hazel Hammond, Maggi Hambling, Marcelle Hansellaar, Gwen Hardie, Alison Harper, Vicky Hawkins, Afsoon Hayley, Nadia Hebson, Wim Heldens, Rachel Howard, Georgina Hunt, Mary Jackson, Andrew James, Shani Rhys James, Jasper Joffe, Sanam Khatibi, Brendan Kelly, Anita Klein, Tanya Kohn, Shema Ladva, Elspeth Lamb, Sonia Lawson RA, Debbie Lee, Sadie Lee, Tom Levy, Laurie Lipton, Cathy Lomax, Andrea Marshal, Kate Marshall, Luciana Meazza, Johanna Melvin, Hugh Mendes, Fiona Michie, Alex Michon, Stephanie Moran, Colette Moray De Morand, Nicola Morrison, Charlotte Mortensson, Nan Mulder, Harriet Murray, Nancy Nimoy, Humphrey Ocean RA, Kim O'Neil, Paul Ord, Kate Palmer, Ian Parker, Celia Paul, Lei Lei Qu, Leslie Reid, Sue Ryder, Fred Schley, Tommy Seaward, Elie Shamir, Ali Sharma, Tai Shan Schierenberg, Jonathan Smith, Philippa Stjernsward, Matthew Stradling, Jeff Stultiens, Benjamin Sullivan, David Sullivan, Suzan Swale, Swoon, Emma Talbot, Neil Taylor, Paul Tecklenberg, Katherine Tulloh, Gee Vaucher, Be Van Der Heide, Gini Wade, Catharyne Ward, Jonathan Waller, Toby Wiggins, Simon Whittle, Anthony Whishaw RA, Nicholas Charles Williams, Susan Wilson, Eric Wright, Joanna Yates, John Yeadon, Katia Yezli

Mexican Artists
(Assisting in Mexico: Maru Vasquez), Andres Basurto, Patricia Cajiga, Jose Cano, Olga Chorro, Dina Eugenia, Maria Teresa Gaos, Arturo Hinojos, Abraham Jimenez, Jose Luis cuevas, Juan Toledo, Maru Vasquez, Ana Zoebisch

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spirit Of Hackney Wick

I have an animation showing at The Spirit Of Hackney Wick - a night of specially selected award winning animations and film shorts

Award winning shorts & video installations by Helene Corr, Grace Connor, Kathleen Bryson, Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Feiner, Caroline Kennedy, Sarah Sparkes, Chirstinn Whyte and more.


DIY cinema peepshows

Award winning shorts, animations,


The hungry can eat at Counter Cafe

Stour Space
7 Roach Road
Fish Island
Hackney Wick
London, E3 2PA

Friday 23rd July
8.30pm - 12.00am


Shapeshifting by Chirstinn Whyte
Why So Blue? by Emily Crompton / Chris Jaume / Joe Knowles
Express Yourself by Daniel Morris / Sharlene McFarlane / Joe Wood
Matador by Helene Corr
Vox Aurora by Kathleen Bryson
S-S-Single Bed by Grace connor
Fruit And Nut Case by Rebecca Feiner
Sketchbook by Charles Palmer
You Are Here by Chirstinn Whyte
Skoda Goes To Cannes by Rebecca Feiner
The House Of Tomorrow by Emily Crompton / Chris Jaume / Joe Knowles
Sick Puppy by Caroline Kennedy
Love's Labours Lost by Tommy Harrison
Germy Wormy by Grace Connor
The Syllogism by Kathleen Bryson
Hysteria (Save The Last Dance For Me) by Helene Corr
PLUS Spirit Of The Wick by Rebecca Feiner

Exhumation by Rebecca Feiner


Classic (An Owner's Manual) by Sarah Sparkes


Dancehall Danceoff by Sarah Doyle


Images by Caroline Kennedy


Text Field by Chirstinn Whyte
Skin Code by Rebecca Feiner
iscream by Grace Connor
Love’s Labours Lost by Daniel Morris
The Effects Of A Soapbox by Kim Medley
Feel by Rebecca Feiner


Ghost by Sarah Doyle
Fly by Grace Connor
Lazy Day by Caroline Kennedy
Beatgirls by Sarah Doyle
Love’s Labours Lost by Tom Petch


Gallows by Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sold Out

Elastic Residence
22 Parfett Street
London, E1 1JR


2 July - 18 July 2010
Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm
and by appointment (020 72471375)

Opening Thursday, July 1st, 6 to 10 pm
Opening night performances including Martin Creed & his Band

Closing event, 18th July, 2pm-6pm
Gina Birch & Hayley Newman of the Gluts will be presenting a Gluts(y) Performance at
about 2.30pm.

Sealed bids will be opened at 4pm.

Sold Out brings together a group of internationally renowned and emerging artists to raise funds for Elastic Residence and The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. Opening night performances include Martin Creed and His Band, whose music has been described as willful, wild and pushing the extremes of noise and silence. Among the internationally renowned artists showing, Beat Streuli provides an image from his Brussels series, characteristic of his street portraiture that captures the extraordinariness of the everyday, urban experience. From the well-known UK contributors, Daisy Delaney donates work that specifically responds to Sold Out, and subverts familiar images to deliver unexpected messages. The event closes with a performance by Gina Birch & Hayley Newman of the Gluts, concerned with the effects of over-consumption, capitalism and climate change.

Artists donating work to the exhibition include Beat Streuli, Lee Maelzer, Yvonne Buchheim, Marie Le Mounier, Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, Paul Sakoilsky, Daisy Delaney, Calum F Kerr, Cathy Lomax, Dolores Sanchez Calvo, Carla Cescon, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Andrew Hurle, Brook Andrew, Laura Oldfield Ford, Linda Persson, Rosa Almeida, Sayshun Jay, Marcus Bering, Isabelle Francis, Jan Savage, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Jessica Voorsanger, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Meinbert Gozewijn Van Soest, Richard Ducker, Paula Roush, Peter Bobby, Cyril Lepetit, Deej Fabyc, Simeon Nelson,Sean Edwards, David Blandy, John Hillson, Dave Hoare, Simona Bonomo, the Gluts, & Martin Creed & his Band

Work will be for sale by auction on the basis of sealed bids that can be placed at any point during the exhibition until the closing event on July 18th. On this last day, all bids will be opened and the ‘winners’ informed.

Monies raised will go towards the ongoing development of the Elastic Residence programme, an artist run space aimed at giving artists direct access to exhibition opportunities. 20% of funds raised will be donated to
The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, a non-political, non-profit organization working to address the medical and humanitarian needs of Palestinian children.


AN Magazine's review of the show



© 2010 Elastic Residence Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.

Elastic Residence Productions Ltd is a not for profit company, registered at 22 Parfett Street, London, E1 1JR, Registration number 6357363.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chutney Preserves 4


Camberwell Green, Camberwell Road, London SE5
Sunday June 27th 1-7pm
This will be the closing event for Camberwell Arts Festival

I will be bringing Monarch Butterfly Programming to Camberwell Green for this years fantastic Chutney Preserves. Be there and have your mind melded to join the ranks of the other fabulous Monarch Slaves such as Beyonce, Rhianna and Lady Gaga.

From 1279 until 1855 a fayre was held on Camberwell Green, one of the many attractions was a menagerie of wild animals captured from distant lands. In homage to the beasts of the ancient Camberwell Fayre, artists will create a fair and foul enclosure of luxurious and curious beasts, transforming the Green into a safari park for human animals and their keepers, with beastly goings on, sideshows and a program of performance in ‘the big top’

Linda Barck, C.O.T.H. (Cult of the Harvester - Simon Neville and Sarah Sparkes), Helene Corr, Jo David, Daisy Delaney, Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Feiner, Charlie Fox and the Urban Bear Research Centre, Mikey Georgeson, Rachael House, Magnus Irvin, Derek Jordan, Miyuki Kasahara, Marq Kearey, Calum F Kerr, Lady Lucy and Drawing Exchange, Daniel Lehan, Joanna McCormick & Dido Hallett,Jessica Marlowe, Vanessa Mitter and James Gardiner, Slow Maurice, Frog Morris, Simon Ould, Devyani Parmar 'PEPOMO', Raul Pina, Paul Sakoilsky, Liam Scully, Vanessa Scully, Libby Shearon, cApStAn StRiNg, Geraldine Swayne, Jacqueline Utley, Ricarda Vidal and the animals of BoSs farm, Julian Wakeling, Sinead Wheeler, Ben Woodeson, a goat and many others

Timetable of Performance in and around the 'Big Top'
(note running order may change)
1.30 - 4.30pm
Vanessa Mitter with James Gardiner - Repetition through voice in word and noise - an animal noise de-constructing communication
Frog Morris - Reading poems he has written about animals
Mikey Georgeson - Mr solo will be manifesting his primordial marmalade whilst counting down to indivisible unity and wonder via pink ukuleles and dislocated antics.
Jessica Marlowe - Animal choir
Charlie Fox and the Urban Bear Research Centre
Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly will arrive on an epic journey from Marble Arch with his gallows and hang fugitive, criminal animals

5.00pm - 7.00pm
Pepomo with 'Animusical' the Pepomo group will dress in home-made animal costumes, sing songs, and dance, with live backing music, including adding a new 'exotic' character - especially for Chutney Preserves

6.00pm - assemble outside Captain Magnos Camper Van on the Green
the intrepid explorer Capt. Magno will present to the general public the last surviving specimen of a nearly mythical beast, recently brought back from his most recent Amazonian expedition. This mysterious animal that has no ears or eyes has yet remained in a state of comatose slumber. It is rumoured that it's only known defence mechanism on being awoken is an extreme form of spontaneous combustion.

On-going artists performance/ interventions in and around the Marquee and Green in cages, pens and on safari:

Rebecca Feiner and Helene Corr with Worm Charming Olympics, Lord Darwin and appreciation of creatures small
Daniel Lehan - champion snail racing arena
Paul Sakoilsky and Reg, King of dogs
Joanna McCormick and Dido Hallett - Chimeric animal drawings made to order
Miyuki Kasahara - The fox witch fox will appear with her tube. The tube fox will answer visitor's questions by vomiting coloured stones.
Devyani Parmar - Piggy Bank
Marq Kearey - missing pets - hand made lost dog notices that appear on street corner walls and tacked onto poor unsuspecting council planted saplings on common grounds and parks
Julian Wakeling - displays of shadow, animal puppetry
Libby Shearon - Post spill animals at the watering hole bar
Sinead Wheeler - "Circe's speed dating" - the witch / goddess Circe lures travellers to her table with Twiglets, Campari and Pepperami treats, and offers readings from the ancient cards ('Zoo Snap', 'Farmyard Donkey' etc) to determine their animal - Highland Cattle, seal, guinea fowl, goat.. If suitors spurn Circe's love, they are condemned to wear the mark of their beast eg. pigs' ears / snout, bull horns, cock's tail.
Ricarda Vidal and the Animals of Boss Farm - what does a Greek frog say? -Animal language translation project.
Daisy Delaney - Drive by safari
Ben Woodeson - Gold Fish Soup. Ben serves cold gold fish soup in honor of Marco Evaristti's gold fish in a blender. The soup will be distributed free of charge!
Rachael House - the Pet-Tastic museum and attractions. Rachael will be introducing the Cynocephalus Nation, and asking ‘Do dog headed people walk among us?’
Charlie Fox and the Urban Bear Research Centre - Turning the tide of ethology, bear and comrades will be sharing the rules and manners of contemporary bear etiquette. Humans will be invited to enter Urban Bear’s special acclimatized tent to share tips on the latest fashion, movements and manners from ursatopia. Debretts meets Selfridges, Urban Bear spares no man or woman in search for answers to animal/human behaviours, in a make-it-up research programme
Frog Morris - reading his animal poems to passers by
Sarah Doyle - Butterlies - The Monarch Butterfly and Illuminati
Linda Barck - Nesting on the green for one day only. The Fantastical, Fanatical, Featherosity Altar. For all the beaked and feathered creatures, that lives in myth, religion and all those magical and in between spaces, we will pray, offer, worship and confess to you on this one fabulous day. May the egg be brought safe to the other shore and the birdman live eternally.
Magnus Irvin - Travels with Captain Magno. Part 1
Raul Pina Perez -the painter and the philosopher'': PORKY PAYS
Lady Lucy and Drawing Exchange - Make drawings around Camberwell Green taking 'Animal Farm' as a departure point. No drawing experience necessary - all welcome
COTH - Cult of the Harvester (Sarah Sparkes and Simon Neville) with 'JISM- Conscientious Carnivores Contemplate Happy Meats'
Marc Vaulbert De Chantilly - In the Middle Ages animals were tried in local courts for crimes ranging from theft and vandalism, to homicide and sexual perversion. Marseilles Lion, Eton rat, and Dodd the Dog. All must hang
Jo David - Invocation of the Pegasus. Through a series of interventions, an attempt will be made to resurrect, or recreate, the lost ancient symbolic creature.
Geraldine Swayne - Shepherdess of the human herd
Calum F Kerr - Dr Gerald Van Elk presents: Are You Wild Enough? Dr Gerald Van Elk is Camberwell’s leading Ethologist. He is conducting a study on the wild behaviour of animals, human and non-human alike on the Green. He will present a short lecture and interview throughout the day the animal menagerie asking questions pertaining to his research and performing tests relating to Aggression; Communication; Group Behaviour; Instinct; Learning and Reproduction. Please note: Dr Van Elk is NOT a member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behavioural Councillors).
Jacqueline Utley - brings small enclosures to the green; where tales from past fairs merge with the fictional creating parallel miniature worlds which visitors can help build.
Simon Ould, Liam Scully, Vanessa Scully
A Goat

Supported by Space Station Sixty-Five and Camberwell Arts

Chutney Preserves Blog

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jackson, Madonna, Prince

19 June - 3 July 2010
11-6pm Thursday - Saturday
Private View: Saturday June 19th 6-8pm

Trade Gallery
1 Thoresby Street

Trade Gallery is part of the new One Thoresby Street building

Sarah Doyle’s lively series of drawings are created on the pages of a colouring book – of which the printed, bubbly outlines of monkeys, houses, gardens, jolly looking people and so forth are still visible. Printed images like these are approximations of reality, and at early age form the foundations of our ability to read, recognise and participate with images, icons and symbols.

Doyle’s felt tip pen drawings respond to the call of the book, to colour in, but the response uses a completely different set of imagery, that of iconic pop stars. In spite of what we know about the subject matter - Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna - Doyle’s multifarious representations manage to carve out a space that avoids a kind of pop art nausea caused by an over-familiarity with the subject, and the interpretation of the subject in art.

In short her deployment of two sets of imagery, the book’s, and the pop stars’ complicates our reading of the work and creating a deeply peculiar and idiosyncratic set of drawings.

Trade will present a selection of artworks from Doyle’s series of 100 Michael Jacksons, 100 Madonnas, 100 Princes, in the main gallery space.

Recent exhibitions include - 'The Nexus Treatment', Space Station Sixty-Five Gallery and 'Celebrated Sobriquets', The Surgery London. Group Exhibitions include - Transition Gallery, London, Primo Alonso, London The Portman Gallery, , London and Elevator Gallery, London. Doyle’s work also includes collaborations Elle magazine, Tatty Devine, Upset! The Rhythm, Surface 2 Air.

Gallery Director
Bruce Asbestos
post (aT) tradegallery org

Monday, June 07, 2010

Peckham Peacocks

I will be at Rachael House's Peckham Peacocks event in the guise of a mod mechanic. I'll be customizing mobility scooters and various other vehicles on the day, so if you would like your scooter or other wheeled vehicle to be embellished in a mod scooter style do come along and become a member of the Peckham Peacocks Mobility Scooter Club. There will also be performances by The Red Wheelies mobility scooter formation team as well as mod makeovers and lots more.

More info:

We are pleased to tell you about the new project by Rachael House, Peckham Peacocks, a mobility scooter meet in Peckham Square.

Peckham Peacocks is a Peckham Space commission, and is an art event for mobility scooter riders, foot powered micro scooter riders, children’s scooter riders and pedestrians.

Peckham Peacocks is a free event.
Date- 12th June 2010
Time- 2.00pm-5.00pm
Place- Peckham Square, Peckham High Street, London SE15 5RS
Disabled access
All welcome

rail: Peckham Rye
buses: 12,36,171,37,63,78,136,177,197,363,381,436, P12,P13

With special guests The Red Wheelies, mobility scooter formation display team, performing at 3.00pm.

Please contact Rachael House at for more information or images.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mixtapes: Popular Music in Contemporary Art

8th June - 24th October 2010

Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm
Sun 2 - 5pm

Lewis Glucksman Gallery
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

Curated by Chris Clarke and Matt Packer

Artists include: Marc Bijl, David Blandy, Alejandro Cesarco, Anne Collier, Sarah Doyle, Fergus Feehily, Dan Graham, Jim Lambie, David Lamelas, Linder, Dennis McNulty, Bettina Pousttchi, Baldvin Ringsted, Meredyth Sparks, and Mika Tajima / New Humans

The mixtape is more than just a compilation. It is a way of conveying an idea, mood or theme through a selection of particular songs and communicating a message to a recipient.

The mixtape is a personal object, illustrated with idiosyncratic cover art and handwritten lines. It often ended up saying more about the maker than the songs or musicians chosen.

Mixtapes: Popular Music in Contemporary Art is a selection of visual artworks that use the materials and imagery that surround and accompany music. It includes artists who acknowledge the influence of album covers, posters, videos, instrumentation and assorted musical paraphenalia in their own work, often referencing the distinct genres, styles and seminal moments of popular music history.

Mixtapes also addresses the notion of the artist as a fan, as someone who incorporates their own musical tastes and preferences in making visual art. In this way, the exhibition explores both the intimate and expressive aspects of art and music.

For further information and images please contact:
Eileen Kearney, Retail + Communications Manager
T. +353 21 490 1844 F. +353 21 490 1823 E.

Glucksman curators Matt Packer and Chris Clarke discuss the Mixtapes show, video by Fiona Kearney

CURATORIAL DISCUSSION Mixtapes: Popular Music in Contemporary Art from Fiona Kearney on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Resort at Residence Gallery

Sarah Doyle is showing a large mirror piece in the forthcoming exhibition "Resort" at Residence Gallery

Sarah Doyle, Marta Bakst, Heather Tweed, Robert Hawkins, Tony Payne, Lisa Freeman, Kevin Ward, Heena Kim, Alex Chappel, Marisa Futernick, Eleanor Lindsay Finn, Scott Groeniger, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Mark Scott-Wood, Lee Cavaliere, Ben Parry, Deej Fabyc, Hania Stella-Sawicka, Natalie Sanders, Wiracha Darochai, Ella Lucas, Craid Template, Ingrid Z

8 May - 30 May 2010
Wed - Sat. 11am-6pm
Sun 12pm-5pm
Private View: Friday 7 May 6-10pm

Grand opening of new space at 229 Victoria Park Road... Somewhere between Bermuda and 2012
Download press release PDF

The Residence
229 Victoria Park Road
London, E9 7HD
+44 (0)20 8985 0321

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

P.S I Love You Exhibition

Beatgirls from Sarah Doyle on Vimeo.

I have an animation featuring the wives and girlfriends of The Beatles in the P.S I Love You exhibition this week

P.S. I LOVE YOU is a week of music, performance, art, happenings and high jinks dedicated to The Beatles taking place at Bradford Playhouse
27th April - 9th May.

Curated by artist filmmaker, curator and self confessed Beatles anorak Jean McEwan,
P.S. I LOVE YOU combines cutting edge performance and visual art with live music, film, games and workshops, dressing up, karaoke, DJ sets and much much more.

The P.S. I LOVE YOU exhibition brings together an eclectic range of creative responses to The Beatles from established and emerging artists working nationally and internationally, including :

- artists films - painting - bespoke furniture - infographics - video installation- photography - animation - multiples - participatory projects - illustration - performance video - digital drawings - from:

Sybil Aadelaja • Gary Birnie • Morgan Beringer • Tam Dean • Burn Maria • Cobo • Ursula Cheng • Michael Deal • Sarah Doyle • Alan Dunn • The East Dumbartonshire String Ensemble • The East Morton and Riddlesden Sunday Painters Association • Carla Easton • Emily Farncombe • Laura-Jane Foley • Sarah Fordham • Claire Grant • Alex Hetherington • Seiko Kato • Callum Kellie • Louise McLennan • Natalie Murray-Hurst • Tamsyn Mystkowski • Janie Nicoll • Bill Parker • Lindsay Perth • Genevieve Ryan • Sea of Monsters • Fabio Sassi • Robert Steven • Katie Thomas • Ryan Thompson • Bella Wood • James Wright

A special limited edition P.S. I LOVE YOU zine will accompany the exhibition and be distributed at the P.S. I LOVE YOU events. The zine will feature original artwork, Beatle fan fiction and memories from The Beatles concerts at The Guamant in Bradford, from:

Bruce Barnes • Samantha Beswick • Maria Cobo • Sam Hart • Graham Hoyle • Robert Hope • Kath Gill • Lucy Munro • Catherine McEwan • Jean McEwan •
Nicola Smith • James Wright
The exhibition will be up for the whole PS I LOVE YOU period, and there will be a launch party on Tuesday 27th from 7pm until 9pm. Why not come down and meet some of the artists involved and pick up your copy of the zine?

Bradford Playhouse
4-12 Chapel Street
Bradford, BD1 5DL

P.S I Love You on Facebook

P.S I Love You blog

Monday, April 12, 2010

Firestation Arts Centre

I currently have my animation work on show at Firestation Arts Centre. If you're in Windsor do pop down :)

The Firestation Centre for Arts & Culture
The Old Court
St Leonards Road

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I have two animations included in Outcasting, an online moving image gallery curated by Michael Cousin

Season 12 of Outcasting will be broadcast from 1 April - 31 May and features work by Hondartza Fraga, Sarah Doyle, Neale Howells, Rachel Wilberforce, Alysse Stepanian, Giulia Ricci, Henry Gwiazda, Lauren Moffatt & Kevin J Pocock.