Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Propeller Island: Power of a Discord

I am showing my animation "Dancehall Danceoff" at this event on Saturday 9th May


Press Release:

Propeller Island is an artist led collaboration based in London. It operates out of a variety of venues as a mobile arena for exhibitions, residencies and events. It takes its name from the novel by Jules Verne, which is a story of a string quartet that gets lured to perform on a floating utopian island. Taking the structure of the book as the framework, the group intend to present an equal number of projects, each representing one of the 25 chapters of the book.
The first chapter, ‘The Quartet’ took place in an empty retail property in South Kensington
for the month of January 2009. This culminated in a four-day live extravaganza, which was generously supported by The Brompton Estate.

“We must learn to judge a society more by its sounds, by its art, and by its festivals, than by its statistics” *

‘Power of a Discord’ is the second chapter in the novel, and for the event we have invited artists to contribute to an evening of film, performance, music and lectures.
The work showing celebrates, criticises and examines the multi-faceted uses of sound and music. Including musings on melody and discord, music as protest, patriotism or identity.
Musicals, opera, wrestling, the Dutty Wine dance and much much more.

Team Beswick and Pye, Ildiko Buckley, Jimmy Dixon, Sarah Doyle, Jamie Dyson, Amy Feneck, Charlie Franklin, Pippa Gatty, Alex Glen, Dee Harding, Jane Haughton, Jonathon Hood, David Hopkinson, Jean Louis Lanteri Laura, Patti Lennox-Boyd, Martin Lofty, Lady Lucy, Eric Maclennan, Mark McGowan, Warren Mclachlan, Melville& Mitchell, Matthew Poland, Harry Pye, Keira Rathbone, Christopher Rollen, Jarrod Sanderson, Thea Stallwood, Jamie Stevens (undereducated), Adam Smith & Keiko Takahashi, Katharine Tolloday & Michael Grime, Jon Trayner, Catherina Turk, Simon Webb, Phillip Wilson-Perkin, and more...

Power of a Discord will run from 5 – 10pm on Saturday 9th of May

Upstairs @ The Bear
296a Camberwell New Road
London, SE5 0RP
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