Friday, August 11, 2017

Grove Park Carnival - Chutney Preserves River Dance

On Saturday12th August I am pleased to be taking part in Grove Park Carnival as part of Chutney Preserves River Dance alongside the artists Sarah Sparkes, Miyuki Kasahara and Rebecca Fiener.

The Chutney Preserves are a combination of village fete and art exhibition, they create one day public artworks which visitors can interact with and immerse themselves in. Inspired by the River Quaggy, the Chutney Preserves will be emerging from the waters with puppets masks and costumes.

My work for the Chutney Preserves inspired by the River Quaggy will be about the Kingfisher. The fantastic Quaggy Waterways Action Group had the river transformed from a concrete canal to the natural wetland it is today.  Operation Kingfisher is the name that the group gave to the grand design for the whole river. It was named this for the remaining Kingfishers that clung to the River Quaggy.
I will invite you to dress as a Kingfisher and fish for facts about the said bird near the banks of the Quaggy River.

Do come and join me and the other daughters of Chutney on Saturday from 12-5pm at Chinbrook Meadows, 
Amblecote Road, 
London, SE12 

Lots of other good stuff happening on the day too so don't miss performances by Frog Morris, song, dance and a flea circus, Carnival Queen Mzz Kimberly, Calum F Kerr's new work 'Amulet Reunited (after E. Nesbit), Joanna Mcormick as the Chalkhill Butterfly and circus star Leah Kirkby will be there to teach a circus skills workshop