Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Magic Life

May 23rd - June 19th 2008
Open Wed – Sat 1.30 – 7 pm
Private View Thurs May 22 6.30 – 9 pm (Performance and Magic Lantern Show)

Sartorial Contemporary Art
101a Kensington Church Street
London W8 7LN
T: 020 7792 5882 / E: art@sartorialart.com

My Magic Life
A phantasmagoric exhibition

Introducing new paintings by Mikey Georgeson

Special Guests:
Melissa Alley, Eddie Argos, Anneke Bosma, Daisy Clarke, Andrew Cooper, Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky, Sarah Doyle, Jude Evans, Mikey Georgeson, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, Nathan Penlington, Harry Pye, Paul Tecklenberg and Martin White

A phantasmagorical exhibition of painting, sculpture, film, sound and performance assembled by Mister Solo and his glamorous assistant Harry Pye.

Inspired by the life and magic of Edwardian conjuror David Devant, who changed his name from Wighton after seeing a painting called "David Devant Goliath". His catchphrase “All done by kindness” allowed him to delve into the world of spectres and demons in his illusions. Georgeson endeavours to manifest this duality in the pictorial magic of his paintings and performance as Mister Solo.
Mikey says: “Anyone hungry for magic should head to the Sartorial Gallery. I am joined by artists who share a restored childhood faith in magic – using passions as beacons. This allows them to replace irony with tears of joy. It will appear incredible that works of such richness could have been produced in this thin, non-ritualist civilization.”

Mikey Georgeson attended Chelsea School of Art from 1986–1989. In 1990 he moved to Brighton and formed the group David Devant & his Spirit Wife. His passion for performance and painting led to the evolution of Mister Solo. Georgeson and Pye have collaborated on a painting of Devant wowing a crowd. The show’s title is taken from Devant’s Autobiography. Devant reveals his nickname was Monkey Face, which curiously was also once Georgeson’s.

As well as Georgeson’s new large “back to front inside out” paintings the show will include painted Magic Instructions from Eddie Argos (Art Brut), Andrew Cooper’s Cabinet of Evocation, Paul Tecklenberg’s Spectrogram’s, Chris Rheinhardt’s Déjà Private View Box, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright’s sparkling landscapes of preternatural light, Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky’s magic lantern show as well as Pye’s own take on the David and Goliath story. A contribution from the world’s only poet-magician, Nathan Penlington, comes in the form of his recently unearthed adolescent magician’s diary.

The first 50 visitors will receive a uniquely packaged copy of ‘Shine A Light’ a new song by Mister Solo. The covers will form part of a miraculous limited edition booklet on sale through The Sartorial Gallery.

Watch Mister Solo aka Mikey Georgeson singing the Sartorial Art Gallery Theme Tune

Monday, May 12, 2008

'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel' at Whitechapel Late Nights

Video from May 3rd 2007 at Whitechapel Gallery, E1 www.whitechapel.org
animation: Sarah Doyle
reading: Amy Prior