Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Blocksmith at Chutney 2

Get ready to be forged in pain on the 28th June 2009

Chutney Preserves blog

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Police and Violence

The Guy Hilton Gallery Presents
POLICE AND VIOLENCE at the SASSOON GALLERY in Peckham, Blenhiem Grove

Saturday 6th June 2009 4-11pm

Following his reenactments of the death of Jean Charles De Mendez, and most recently Ian Tomlinson, Mark McGowen continues this theme by curating a one day event a based on real live events about pigs
kicking people’s heads in. Featuring art, live performances, bands & more from some of the most interesting contemporary artists based in and around London. You are invited to participate in what promises to be an anarchic, interactive and informative event.

Anne Margrete Bergh, Shitter of the Yard, O. B. Alessi, Richard Dedomenici, Sarah Doyle, Chiara Mu, Simon Ould, Louise Loudoun, Robin Bale, Charlie Fox, Neil Drabble, Sara Burgess, Jenny Gordon, FREEE, David C West, Aaron Barschak, Gilbert and George, Micalef, Byron Pritchard, Yul Hilton, Jackie Clark, Laura Oldfield Ford, Rachel Cattle, Harry Pye, Scottish Weirdo’s, Jim Woodall, Vanessa Mitter, Kate Kotcheff, Geraldine Ryan, Liam Herne, Phoebe Collings James, Fiona Symes, Francis Thorburn, Honky, Calum F. Kerr And many more.