Friday, March 27, 2009

The Role Of The Village Idiot

Sarah Doyle will be embodying the spirit of Pierrot the original emo kid for The Role Of The Village Idiot

"This work is based on ideas and suggestions by the artist and writer Paul O'Kane concerning the question of a necessary expulsion that may lie at the heart of the formation of any community."


An afternoon of public art/street performance on Peckham Square Saturday
28th March 2009, 2pm til 6pm.

The theme of the afternoon is performance and the role of the village idiot. Obviously we have the holy fools, shakespears court jester, the dada art movement, but the village idiot is something else he/she is something other, something familiar, somebody we all know and recognise in our local communities. Here we will attempt to investigate, the role of the village idiot, the question of 'a necessary expulsion', the emotion of shame and how that relates to our daily life and the strange people that we meet, street theatre and public art. Mainly using gesture and small props the artists will attempt to engage with the everyday happenings in peckham square. There will be a reception in the Bunhouse Pub opposite peckham square in the evening.

curated by Mark McGowan.

Marcia Farquhar, Plastique Fantastique, Brian Dawn Chalkey, Hunt and Darton, Aaron Barschak, Edwina Ashton, Daniel Lehan, Galatica Hilton, Andrew Cooper, David C West, Sarah Doyle, Olivia Jane Ransley, Marcus Cope, Simon Ould, Alicia Logan, Mieko Takanami, Swarfega, Charlie Fox, Neil Drabble, Jack Catling, Calum F Kerr, Adrian Lee, Frog Morris, Phoebe Collings James,
lee campbell, sean kirwin, sara burgess, robyn minogue, lucy rushton, CApStAn StRiNg, Stephen Micalef, Rachael House, Jo David, Robin Bale, Vanessa Mitter, Deej Fabyc, Paulo Pierrea and more

Friday, March 13, 2009

Arty and Interviews

Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow

I have work about actresses playing other actresses in biopics in the current 'Fame' issue of Arty magazine which you can buy online here: Arty Magazine

still image from 'The Audrey Hepburn Story' by Sarah Doyle

Here are links to two interviews connected to my Biopic work recently shown at
Transition Gallery for the Too Much Is Not Enough exhibition

Jotta profile of Sarah Doyle's biopic paintings

Run Riot interview with Sarah Doyle