Monday, June 16, 2008

Chutney Preserves - Two

Image: Sarah Doyle Weed Arrangement

Chutney Preserves - Two:
'The Rot Sets In’

Sunday 22nd of June, 2008, on Camberwell Green, Camberwell
2pm till 7pm

A juxtaposition of workplace with exhibition stage, or perhaps more coherently, experimental lab with ceremonial site, ‘The Rot Sets In’, is decorated like a fete with small gazebos and stalls, and a rotten twist. The fete is in effect, a one day public art work, which visitors to the green can interact with, or just observe if they choose. It will be a humorous and thought provoking display of a broad range of temporary art works and artists that will make reference and take resources from the fine borough of Camberwell.

Sarah Doyle will offer weeds, rescued from between the cracks of the paving stones of Camberwell’s’ streets, from her garden stall and invites you to make your own weed arrangement with her, whilst Naomi St Clair Clarke has made an effigy which you can ‘make clean’ with a wet sponge missile. Lady Lucy is a rotten portrait artist, offering to make rotten portraits of visitors to the green from her park bench, possibly beside Rachael House who shall be sharing edible dog poo from a dogs bottom. Ami Clarke will pluck small gifts from her bearded chin, Ben Woodeson will display a number of hand-printed t-shirts of Mayor Johnson, and Miriam Craik-Horan shall respond to Mendelssohn with a lawn mower engine on her face. Jo David proposes to create a cardboard obelisk and miss-information desk with rotten visitor information about Camberwell, Sarah Sparkes will send down messages from her nest in the hanging tree. Andrew Cooper has a composting Wicker Man lying on Camberwell’s lawn and Dean Kenning will ceremonially hoist a totem pole at sundown, made during the day, from collected bottles and cans. Rebecca Feiner will invite passers-by to rant about issues in ‘Ranter’s Corner’. As they do she will make a picture of them and display these, framed on a table. Julian Wakeling has taken a beautiful photograph of pears decomposing. He has made it into postcards and will write messages for visitors to take away. Libby Shearon has transferred images of hobby horses and other spirits from the land onto business men’s white shirts, and Marq P Kearey has a muddy pool with ambitions to facilitate low ebb’s, whilst Geraldine Swayne shall cheer us all with rotten ballads, channelling voices from folk singers who frequented the green in days gone by. Continuing the musical responses, The Lonesome Cowboys From Hell, Calum F Kerr, Tim Flitcroft, Jan Maat and Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, parade as The Wild ‘Worst’ on Camberwell Green with a rotten western arena, complete with fake camp fire. cApStAn StRiNg a rebel rouser, will embody the spirit of Captain Swing, the long dead peasant agitator. Darren O’Brien has been trying to train worms to make paintings – visitors will be invited to pick a worm to make a muddy painting that they can take away. Be repulsed by Gavin Toye’s revolting paintings and then hit a rotten egg on Ben Newton’s dart board game and take home a jar of green chutney.

Come, come, come along to the great festival of Camberwell Green – ‘The Rot Sets In’.

Another event organised by Sarah Sparkes and Marq P Kearey. Visit the blogsite at:
Chutney Preserves

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iceberg Enters Obelisk

Friday 13th June 2008, 8pm -11pm £6/£5 concs.

Whitechapel Gallery
Angel Alley Entrance
80 - 82 Whitechapel High Street
London, E1 7QX

Press release
A night of out-there music/film/performance plus 2D and 3D art featuring visual curation by the East End’s rising stars, Elevator Gallery, plus live performances from Charles Hayward of This Heat, Blood Stereo and Bolide Awkwardstra. Media partnership project with The Wire magazine A night of out-there music/film/performance plus 2D and 3D art featuring visual curation by the East End’s rising stars, Elevator Gallery, fresh from recent Arnolfini shows. Among the extensive list of participants there will be screenings from Heidi Kilpelainen and Matt Lippiatt in the auditorium, performance from Phoebe Davies and large inflatable work by Jeni Snell throughout the gallery. Live performances from Charles Hayward of This Heat, Chris Corsano and Sonic Youth collaborators Blood Stereo, plus astral jazz trance from Bolide Awkwardstra.
Detail & full participators list:
Film screenings, live performance, 2D, 3D
Elevator Gallery’s Cherie-Marie Veiderveld and Simon Ruben White, both fresh from recent Arnolfini shows, will be curating an extensive visual programme featuring including film screenings, live performance, 2D & 3D works.

In the auditorium: Oriana Fox, Antonella Ferrari, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Mark McGowan & Decima Productions, Laura May Lewis, Heidi Kilpelainen, Matt Lippiatt, Cherie-Marie Veiderveld, Simon Reuben White

On the walls and floors: Anahita Razmi, Natalie Sanders, Girolamo Marri, Sarah Doyle, Ingrid Z, Vasilis Chamam, Jeni Snell, Matt Lippiatt, Some Ghost & Phoebe Davies

Charles Hayward
Best known as a founder member of the radically inventive This Heat, the UK group widely regarded as the missing link between Kraut-Rock and Post-Punk. The group continue to inspire generations of intrepid of musical explorers, heavily influencing the output of groups like Sonic Youth and Liars and anticipating a wealth of musical genres that would not surface for decades after their fragmentation. Moving forward with collaborations with Roxy Music’s Phil Manzenera, Soft Machine’s Robert Wyatt, improv guru Lol Coxhill and a host of others, at the Whitechapel Charles Hayward will be delivering a solo performance on drums, electronics and vocals. As ever, expect the unexpected.

Blood Stereo
The siamese mind meld of Prick Decay/Decayer Pinga members Karen Constance (Polly Shang Quan Band), Dylan Nyoukis (Chocolate Monk Records head honcho) and an ever evolving additional cast. As established noise fetishists the duo has collaborated with the likes of Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh plus Lee Renaldo and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth to name but a handful. Incantations ground from broken violins, fractured tape loops and intuitive vocal discoveries are just the beginning of the listeners’ journey.

Bolide Awkwardstra
Timeless astral excursions sparking a sinister, revelatory group trance music taking in the free jazz spirit of Art Ensemble of Chicago and their ilk and spiralling off into a cosmos of their own. Engrossing ritualistic improvisations of cathartic abandon.