Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mind Your Head - Art Cabaret Healing Fires Purging Pyres

I have a small piece in the exhibition at Mind Your Head,  do come along and enjoy the healing fires at the Mind Your Head art cabaret!

Roll up, roll up it's the third MIND YOUR HEAD! Art Cabaret in the basement of the Golden Anchor in Nunhead on 
Saturday 10th November 7pm-10pm 

It's the season of Guido Fawkes and Halloween and for Healing Fires Purging Pyres there will be performances, music, poetry, a quiz, a ritual and an exhibition! Expect works on the consequence of fire, the tragedy, the positivity, the anger, the release. Come to Nunead and see…


Eugene Coyne (Music)

Grassy Noel & APE with Mai Butoh (Poetry/Music/Dance)

Montague Armstrong presents HAMMOND HITS (Music)

Out now on Linear Obsessional —

Stephen Micalef (Poetry)

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Healing Fires Purging Pyres Exhibition with Dylan Coates, Sarah Doyle, Helen Elwes, Tracey Francis, Frog Morris, Julie Pickard, Julia Maddison, Hugo Simms, Euphoria Synn and the performers above

There will be a Healing Fires Purging Pyres ritual and the chance to take part in Spruce Monkscyth’s Flaming Quiz Nite! Spruce will also be covering the Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s 'Fire' on its 50th Anniversary with accompaniment from Montague Armstrong. 
Your Hosts Spruce Monkscyth & M’lie-dee Caroline
Our regular haunt in the basement of The Golden Anchor is unfortunately not wheelchair/level accessible. Steep stairs down. We hope to do a Mind Your Head special in an accessible venue so watch this space!

The Golden Anchor, 
16 Evelina Road, Nunhead, 
London SE15 2DX 
£5 Entry on the Door 

With your Hosts Caroline Gregory and Spruce Monkscyth (Calum F Kerr)