Monday, October 10, 2011

Sluice Art Fair

I will be showing hand painted cells from my animation Dancehall Danceoff at Sluice Art Fair with Transition gallery on the 15 and 16th Oct

Dancehall Danceoff from Sarah Doyle on Vimeo.

15-16 October 2011
26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London


Transition is pleased to announce that they will be participating in the first Sluice Art Fair. Transition Gallery is an independent and innovative, artist-run, London-based gallery and publisher founded by artist Cathy Lomax in 2002. The gallery shows work by both emerging and established contemporary artists as well as producing publications and periodicals such as Arty and Garageland.


For Sluice Transition is showing Strip, an exhibition made up of groups of specially selected 2D works by a number of artists including Emma Talbot, Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax presented with a distinct nod towards the filmstrip.

All of the artists featured in Strip employ a sequential approach to their varying subject matter. But although each ‘strip’ is composed of works made in a series, adjoining frames do not necessarily correspond to each other. There are in fact no traditional narrative structures; instead it is for the viewer to create their own connectivity.

In her essay for the Transition publication About Painting Alli Sharma identifies the ‘importance of a process to picture making, rather than simply an end result’. Forsaking the idea of the grand gesture, the Strip artists are dissatisfied with the stand alone masterwork, the single dumb painting made to hang on some ever decreasing rich patron's wall. Furthermore with the huge abundance of easily available digital imagery there is just so much more to paint and draw and not enough time to spend labouring on one image. The Strip artists are restless and resourceful, with their minds jump cutting from one thing to another. It is the actuality of the process which is the receptacle that holds and binds these multi-faceted back-stories together.

In Mark Cousin’s The Story of Film: An Odessy film is described as ‘an image bank to flick back and forth to in our imaginations’ and it is this metaphor of a ‘clicking machine’ that mirrors the work on show in Strip.

Sluice Art Fair: 26 Sth Molton Lane, Mayfair, London

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nunhead Open 8 Art Exhibition

I will be showing The Nexus Treatment at this years Nunhead Open 8 Art Exhibition

9 - 11 September, Friday - Sunday, 12 - 5 pm

The Old Nursery Building
5 Nunhead Green
SE15 3QQ

Tel: 07906206166
visit The Surgery Gallery website for more projects/performances over the weekend
Buses p12 & 78 (get off at Nunhead Green)
Rail Nunhead, Peckham Rye & Queens Rd, Peckham (approx. 10 mins walk)

Opening Party
Friday 9 September 6-8pm- All Welcome
DJ Daniel invites you to bring VINYL records - 33's 45's & 78's -Prizes for most unusual /Best Dance / Worst Dance.
Performances by:
Miyuki Kasahara "Fox's window" written by Naoko Awa, 7pm
Nurse Vox and Doctor Murmur -Here is my heart

Artists Projects, Videos, Films, Animation, Performances taking place alongside The Nunhead Open 8 Exhibition at The Old Nursery Building, 9-11 September 2011 ( Please see below).

Mr. L.M. Ramsey, Calum F. Kerr, Marina Rees, Peter Todd, Beris Blake, Ellie Reid, Peter Asagba, Sarah Sparkes, Hatty Lee, Rachael Haines, Amy Poole, Sarah Doyle, Jenna Collins & Rebecca Feiner

Charlotte Squire -The Nunhead illuminations which will be visible from the street 24 hours during The Nunhead Open Art exhibition.

Charlie Fox & Daniel Lehan. September's edition of A3 - F(OR) A(N) ALTERNATIVE ART MAP OF SOUTH LONDON. For an Alternative Art Map of South London has been created for the launch of Nunhead Open 2011. It is part of a larger project, facilitated by Charlie Fox, celebrating hidden, unknown, repressed or underrepresented art activities within London.-for more information:
A3 is produced monthly by Daniel Lehan.

From Slapstick to Horror is a film and video screening curated by Louise Colbourne and Jim Hobbs. The screening includes artist's film and videos by Jenny Baines, Gordan Beswick and Harry Pye, Zoe Brown, Katherine Eastman, Raquel Felgueiras, Bob Flanagan, Philip Hausmeier, Bas Jan Ader, Michael James Jones, Paul R Jones, Liane Lang, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Dennis Oppenheim, Andy Parker, Eddie Peake and Inaki Estrada Torio, Laure Prouvost, Kate Street, Phil Taylor, Richard Whitby.
Frog Morris- NO DVD
Open submission Super8 and VHS Screening
( please note this event takes place on Saturday 17th September at The Old Nun's head pub, 4pm )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GHost CLHub

Artwork by Sarah Doyle

I have a painting in GHost CLHub curated by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal at the Folkestone Trienalle hosted The B&B Project Space.
My painting is based on a story from a book called Ghosts Of Shepway written by Paul Harris
The story is about the ghost of a young boy at the Royal Norfolk Hospital:

‘A waitress rushing to and fro from the kitchen to the bar noticed a young boy in brown ragged clothing “like an urchin of Dickens’ time” sitting on the stairs. Twice she passed the boy by who seemed unnaturally still and quiet. When he was still there when coming back from delivering an order she asked if he was alright.

“He started to cry, and looked at me with tears rolling down his cheeks, his eyes were bright blue, and then he just vanished, right there in front of my eyes,” The waitress explained.

The B&B Project Space, 14 Tontine Street, Folkestone, CT20 1JU

27th - 29th August - bank holiday weekend
Saturday 4 - 7pm, Sunday and Monday, 2 - 6pm

GHost presents new works made in response to Shepway ghost stories
and film installations exploring the sea as a haunting presence.
Linda Barck, Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Feiner, Malcolm Hobbs & Colin Priest & Joe Reeves,
Miyuki Kasahara, Domingo Martínez Rosario, Richard O'Sullivan, Sarah Sparkes, Jacqueline Utley, Ricarda Vidal and Cathy Ward

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chutney 5 – The School of Chutney

Artwork by Sarah Doyle

The Chutney Preserves Present:
Chutney 5 – The School of Chutney

U don’t need know edcation

19th June, 1pm -7 pm
On the playing fields of Camberwell Green
As part of the Camberwell arts Festival

Camberwell Green, Camberwell Road, London SE5

Join us for fresh air and un-learning on Camberwell Green, where doors that are open to the wise are also open to the foolish. Performances, interactions and interventions dissecting the institutions of learning in a class room without walls.

School, university, college - the happiest days of your life, or a recurring nightmare? ‘They’ made you go to school, you survived and now, post-compulsory education, you’re free to learn something that interests you, just as long as you can afford it.

The Chutney Preserves will remove any degree of knowledge, facilitating your unlearning and return you to a classless state of pre-educated happiness.


Linda Barck
Jo David
Sarah Doyle
Rebecca Feiner
Charlie Fox
Rachael House
Miyuki Kasahara
Lonesome Cowboys from Hell - (Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, and various miscreants)
Daniel Lehan
Joanna McCormick
Frog Morris and Mark Dean Quinn
Ian Robinson & Vanessa Scully
Liam Scully
Jacqueline Utley
Sinead Wheeler

Join Linda Barck in a celebration of "the naughty corner". Look and listen with Jo David as London’s lost underground language disappears before your eyes and ears. Expel unwanted knowledge in a brain fart with Sarah Doyle. Take your windy brain for a ‘mashup’ at Rebecca Feiner’s ‘Fictitious University of the Imagination’. Share incidents from your past and celebrate your freedom in tell-tale rhymes of (un)reason and preserved memory at Charlie Fox and the Urban Bear Research Centre’s School of (D) Holmes. Rachael House invites you to make art herstory and draw a feminist for Typical Girls, a feminist gallery. Never graduated, well now you can as Miyuku Kasahara invites all to be Chutney Graduates, complete with graduation certificate and photograph. Sign up for the school of plain livin' and hard studyin' where you can experience a program of unpardonable actions until sundown with the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, and various miscreants).
Daniel Lehan will be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. Realise the potential of your vocal powers with Joanna McCormick- are you an angel or a warthog. Prizes and accolades for every one in Frog Morris’ and Mark Dean Quinn’s’ ‘Unwrong Quizz’, the exam with no right or wrong answers. In secret hide outs and camouflaged in the vegetation of Camberwell Green, Ian Robinson and Vanessa Scully's ‘guerrilla gardening school is looking for new recruits to train in the art of seed bombing. Shaman Liam Scully will take you on a personal journey of discovery from inside his smoke house tepee. PEPOMO invite ALL to the School re-union, creating an environment which facilitates the experience of a shared memory with a bunch of people you never knew. Jacqueline Utley with her ' Daily Report ' will collate drawings and thoughts on the theme of ‘rules for The Paper Museum at the School of Chutney’. Sinead Wheeler has done her homework on a banned book.

Chutney Preserves is supported by Space Station Sixty-five and Camberwell Arts

And one last thing to think about before home time:
Do you agree with the following statement - The classroom is a mirror, reflecting a society where the majority submits to the perceived superiority of the individual, institution and ultimately the Government.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Which Is Also A Disco

My animation 'Dancehall Danceoff' will be projected at
'Art Which Is Also A Disco'

Saturday, April 30 · 8:00pm - 11:30pm

The Courtyard Theatre Hoxton
40 Pitfield Street
London, N1 6EU

The GRAND FINALE of "Luxury Goods V - The Illusion of Art"
....the free five night fifty word international art festival....
Nightly Tues 26th- Sat 30th April 2011 7-12pm

Held at the most excellent Courtyard Theatre, purveyor of fine theatrical treats, the most glamorous of wines and the best guest ales....

...a smoke and mirrors treat before your very eyes....

decima presents




Featuring special guest DJs
INGRID ZTARRED! (Residence Gallery)
DJ NANIGHT (Al's Explosive Roadshow)
LIAM SCULLY! (Itchy Nipplez)
DJ 1-9-9-1 (aka Calum F Kerr)

VICKI GOLD! (Performance)
MissForBid! (Performance) (aka Noz from AnarchistWood)
MICALEF! (Vocals)
ALEX FEAR! (Performance)
LUCI LU! (Vocals)
ASHLEY BAILEY! (Performance)

Joy Collie! All the way from Jersey!
James Hopkins!
Danielle Hodson! All the way from Soho!
Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly!
The Kuntists!
Richard Starbuck!
Anonymous Disco Ball! All the way from Kansas City!
Rose Mouton! All the way from medieval France!
Joey Holder!

AND Robson Cezar, King of the bottletops!

Projections include

Luxury Goods V - The Illusion of Art
The free five night fifty word international art festival.
Nightly Tues 26th- Sat 30th April 2011 7-12pm