Monday, June 11, 2018

Chutney Preserves - The Original Chutney Spa

For the Chutney Spa Sarah Doyle presents the sensory deprivation 'Isolation Helmet'. The treatment will consist of the subject wearing a large helmet when they emerge how will they have changed?
The helmet is inspired in part by the Isolator Helmet invented in 1925 by Hugo Gernsback, editor of Science and Invention magazine, one of the pioneers of science fiction. A futuristic spa treatment inspired by a future visionary!

Camberwell Arts Festival Launch: The Chutney Preserves Spa
16th June, 12.00 - 17.00
Camberwell Green, London, SE5


Invoking the spirit of the ancient Camberwell Fair and its promise of “Rare doings in Camberwell”, The Chutney Preserves artist collective open a one day health and beauty spa on Camberwell Green.
Offering a humorous range of surreal and exclusive artist- created treatments to the public, the Chutney Preserves promise to deliver 'beyond alternative care' to the community.
Come along to watch, receive or purchase some life enhancing tonic.
Since 2005 The Chutney Preserves have worked with over 100 artists and participated in numerous festivals and events including: Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, Camberwell Arts Festival on Camberwell Green and Supernormal Festival at Braziers Park Oxfordshire.

Chutney Preserves: Sarah Doyle and her Isolation Helmet; Rebecca Feiner and her Capitalist Cleanse; Tim Flitcroft purveyor of Dr Franchu’s Snake Oil; Phillip Raymond Goodman A.K.A. The Chaos Doctor; Amnionic Goddess Caroline GregoryRachael House founder of Feminists United Crone Kindred Society (F.U.C.K.S); Inspiral Londonbringing you Spinning Meditations; Miyuki Kasahara and a life extending Ancient Fish; Calum F Kerr and his Talking Medicine Bottles; Joanna McCormick with healing Kisses and Poems; Frog Morris seeker of the Lost Camber Well; Charlotte Squire and her Feel Good Give Away; Sarah Sparkes and her Fannies. 

Curated by Sarah Sparkes
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