Saturday, July 07, 2018

Mind Your Head - Mass Sologamy

I have a small piece in the auction at Mind Your Head, my piece for the auction is called La Pascualita. It’s tiny hand printed confetti of the famous corpse bride shop mannequin in Mexico. Which is rumoured to be a bridal shop owner’s daughter preserved after she died from a black widow spider bite just before her wedding in 1930

Mind Your Head! is back in the basement at the Golden Anchor in on Saturday 7th July with Mass Sologamy! 
The Golden Anchor, 16 Evelina Road, Nunhead, London SE15 2DX 
£5 Entry on the Door (marriage vows guaranteed)
With your Hosts Caroline Gregory and Spruce Monkscyth (Calum F Kerr)

Live in your Head!
Marianne Hyatt (Bitchfork, Country Dirt) - Music

Mikey Georgeson (David Devant & His Spirit Wife, Mr Solo, Mikey Georgeson & The Civilised Scene) - Music

Fran Isherwood - Poetry

Melania the Stepback Wife (Birgitta Hosea) - Performance

Also Mass Sologamy (Self-Marriage) Ceremony with the Amnionic Priestess, Spruce Monkscyth and a very special appearance of our very own Morning Glory, goddess of the soundwaves. 

Also bid in the Something, Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Auction with artworks by Sarah Doyle, Julia Maddison, Joanna McCormick, Frog Morris, Liam Scully, Jaqueline Utley, Julie Pickard, Sarah Sparkes and many of the performers above! Auctioneer extraordinaire Spruce Monkscyth!

Mass Sologamy is for those who feel Self-Marriage just might be crazy enough to work. Marry yourself kits are available to support you. Self-Marriage is a commitment to valuing and prioritising yourself within a culture that has neglected it, lied to it, insulted it, left it behind even commercialised and dehumanised it. What does Sologamy mean to you? Do you have to love yourself to marry yourself? Can you legally get married to yourself? or if you are not quite ready for the full commitment…Can you legally marry your dog? 

Invite image from The Mirror, Andrei Tarkovsky (1975)