Friday, March 03, 2017


I am very pleased to be showing in the #51%RememberHer which launches on International Women's Day

"Women are half of our history, half of our present and half of our future"

I will be showing new and old work themed around the women of music hall. Including my costume from my performance as Marie Lloyd and new work featuring the performer Florrie Forde.
The Memorial Community Church is dedicated to the local men who were killed in WW1. During this era music hall songs were used to boost moral and recruit troops. One of the most famous of these wartime songs being "Pack up Your troubles in your old kit bag", which was performed by Florrie Forde. The work in part explores the optimism and joy in the lyrics of the song versus the reality of lives lost.

What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while, So Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, And smile, smile, smile.”

Miss Florrie Forde
Miss Florrie Forde
Marie Lloyd Helmet previously worn in a performance of Marie Lloyd songs by Sarah Doyle
Marie Lloyd fig leaf fan previously used in a singalong performance of "When I Take My Morning Promenade"

Tower Gallery
Memorial Community Church
395 Barking Road
E13 8AL

Launch: March 8th 6 - 9pm (International Women's Day)
Opening times: 1 - 6pm Tues, Sat & Sun
Exhibition continues until April 8th

Curated by Rebecca Feiner

Launching on International Women╩╝s Day Wednesday March 8th #51%RememberHer references London's 51 per cent female population and is the inaugural exhibition of over 100 women artists featuring sculpture, painting, animation, installation, photography, drawing, performance, graffiti, spoken word, history walks, talks and special events throughout the month. 

#51% RememberHer provides a significant survey of the creative female talent who live, work, study or have a family connection to the creative melting pot of East London. 

Artists will animate the East Tower of the Byzantine style, Grade II listed church, spilling over into the South Hall and Upper Balcony. 

Curator Rebecca Feiner said "Women are half of our history, half of our present, and half of, all our futures. Culturally with Maria Balshaw taking over at London's Tate Modern, and politically women physically making their presence felt from Japan, to Poland, from Saudi Arabia to America and here in the UK, it really felt like the right time to celebrate female creativity and make this exhibition happen.”

Exhibition continues until April 8th at the Tower Gallery (East Tower), Memorial Community Church, 395 Barking Road, London E13.

#51%RememberHer is an off-site project by Elements Gallery London, the capital's first dedicated exhibition space for outdoor art.

For more details & press please contact the curator,
Rebecca Feiner