Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nunhead Open 9 Art Exhibition 2012

I will be showing My Mummy Superior Hollandais Cloth inspired print at Nunhead

Here is some more information about the work I am showing:
I was fascinated the fable of the nun who was beheaded on Nunhead Green in the reformation of the monasteries in the 16th century. Although there is no evidence to support the story of the beheaded nun the story is part of folklore.
The shop I was working with for Nunhead Arts Festval in 2009 sells Hollandais fabric, which is very popular in West Africa. The fabric designs on this cloth were often developed to focus on the visualisation of proverbs and folklore.
I designed my own Hollandais cloth pattern inspired the legend of the nun beheaded on the green.

Artist's projects performance interventions, film and video taking place alongside the main open exhibition at the Old Community Centre 7-9 September includes:

Sarah Christian, Daniel Lehan, Sarah Doyle-Khan, Tisna Westerhof, Rachael Haines, Hatty Lee, Beris Blake, Peter Asgaba, Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Sarah Sparkes, Brian Mckenzie, Theresa Bottomley, Ludwig Ramsey, Harriet Hill, Linda Barck and more.

Live Art Hide and Seek - Artist Frog Morris will be performing hidden inside a cupboard during the opening night of the exhibition. Can you find him?

Mikey Georgeson - "Museum of Unfiltered Reality".

The Communist Gallery T.V - Work that questions the current political, economic and social circumstances

Artists films and video curated by Louise Colbourne and Jim Hobbs "Cut Up" with Jeff Keen, David Blandy, Ian Helliwell, Katy Dove, Louise Colbourne and Shelly Parker, Mordant Music, Zoe Brown, James Richards, Jim Hobbs and Dennis Mcnanny (Conudndrum)
Programme approx. 60mins

Open: Friday-Sunday 12-5pm
Opening Party: Friday 7 September 6-8pm

The Old Community Centre
56 Nunhead Lane
SE15 3TU

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