Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Can't Believe How Great I Feel


'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel'
Writing by Amy Prior
Drawings by Sarah Doyle

Preview Event: Sunday January 7 at
Curzon Soho
Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1

Short documentary about the book - including music by DJ /Rupture - showing
as part of week-long film festival at the Curzon Soho/I.C.A.
Film programme screens 1.30-4pm, then readings from the book (as part of the
festival 'Afternoon of Performance and Music') from 4-6pm

More gallery, festival and other events in London from March

Published by JUNCTURE in March 2007 (ISBN 978-0-9554957-0-0)
Distribution in the U.S. (SPD)/U.K. via independent and gallery bookstores;
worldwide online distribution