Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Forty Two

I have an animation piece in "42" an exhibition at Three Colts Gallery which opens on the 3rd November 6:30 - 9:00pm

The show runs from 4th - 26th November
Open: fri - sun 12-6

42" - forty two artists make work about: "... the ultimate answer to the ultimate question".

Read more about my piece for the show on the 42 exhibition site

curated by Sarah Sparkes

Sarah Sparkes, Helen Barff, Marq Kearey, John Dale, Sarah Doyle, Ami Clarke, Lee Maelzer, Harry Pye, Robert Currie, Beverley Daniels, Stevie Deas, Angela Gill, Sean O’Connor, Jim Dunkley, Pamela McBain, Jennifer Baumeister, Rowland Smith, Leila Miller, Steve Rushton, Edward Ward, John McCleod, Diana Percival, Adrian Galpin, Jennifer Merrell, Pete Mountford, GeraldineSwayne, Fiona Campbell, Bob Read, DJ Roberts, Sarah Newson, David Leapman, Phill Wilson-Perkin, Libby Shearon, Simon Neville, Chloe Briggs, Julian Wakeling, John Workman, Matthew Stradling, Jennifer Talbot, Michael Sinclair, Stella Wilkins, Aileen Neal

Heres the address -

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207 (2nd Floor)
Greenheath Business Centre
Three Colts Lane
Bethnal Green
London E2
United Kingdom