Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad

I will be showing new work at the Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad exhibition to celebrate Chinese new year, which this year is the year of the pig. My piece Baubo is inspired by the Goddess of mirth in Greek mythology. An old woman who was bawdy and sexually liberated, her family were pig farmers so she is sometimes depicted riding on the back of a pig.

Experience the myriad artist responses to the theme of Year of the Pig, 'Four legs good, two legs bad', a quote from George Orwell's prescient 1945 book Animal Farm.

Urban, underground, it is the contemporary art antidote to the flock wall paper & institutionalized art of the national Gallery just 200 yards away. Here, below street level you can encounter anything and probably will.

Chance upon a lone tap dancer, discover installations about
race, gender and migration. Hear Euro Asian electronic music, watch an adult interpretation of fairytale, the Three Little Pigs via Butoh Dance. Witness an invitation to dinner with a twist, visually consider capitalism and ecology, visit a paper theatre, and think about pigs in ancient literature. Walk on Brex-it poetry, question the meaning of wealth and happiness and much more. Energetic, irreverent, thought provoking and fun. We look forward to you joining us underground!.

#CNYLondon is the largest celebration in the world (outside Asia) with Trafalgar Square, Leicester square and China Town hosting over 300, 000 visitors enjoying everything from dragon dances, martial arts, parades to pyrotechnics and Chinese cuisine.

San Nin Faai Lok / Xin Nian Kuai Le / Happy New Year 2019

Curated by Rebecca Feiner / An Elements Gallery Project
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Q- Park Leicester Sq, Whitcomb St, WC2H 7DT

Grand Opening: Sun Feb 10th- 12- 8pm
Other hours Thurs Feb 14th- 2- 7pm
Fri Feb 15th - 2-7pm
Closing event Sat Feb 16th - 2-9pm

Now in it's 7th year, Q-Park exhibitions were originally conceived by artist curators Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie supported by Geoffrey Leong Foundation with media partner Artlyst.

Q Park Leicester square , 41 Whitcomb St, WC2H 7DT London, United Kingdom