Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chutney Preserves 8 - Camberwell, Eighth Wonder of the World!

This Sunday 22 June I will be on Camberwell Green for the finale of Camberwell Arts Festival 20th Anniversary with Chutney Preserves 8 curated by Sarah Sparkes.

The theme of The Chutney Preserves this year is the number 8, as it had been running for 8 years now. So all the artists involved will be making artwork / sideshows to represent the 8th wonder of the world… in Camberwell

Sunday 22nd June from 1.30pm - 7pm

Camberwell Green
London SE5

I will be presenting 'The Hermits Cave'
Sarah will be presenting the legendary Hermit who lived in the cave and will invite you to on this rare occassion take your photo with a Hermit. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

What would you chose to represent Camberwell as the Eighth Wonder of the World? Would you vote for the Camberwell Beauty, Lettsom Gardens, the Hermits cave?! The Chutney Artists have created wondrous interactive exhibits, each representing a ‘Wonder of Camberwell’. They will be displayed upon Camberwell Green for your entertainment, pleasure and displeasure.  Come all ye folks of SE5 and the world; come to Camberwell Green on the 22nd June and vote for your favourite 'Wonder of Camberwell'

Here are the artists and their wonders:

Sarah Doyle - the Hermits Cave
Tim Flitcroft - the 'secret' Cold-war Nuclear Bunker
Ash Fitzgerald – St Giles
Ben Foong - Camberwell Carrot
Charlie Fox – Denmark Hill
Phillip Raymond Goodman – Buses
Caroline Gregory – John Ruskin
Rachael House – Rat Records
Calum F Kerr – The Camberwell Beauty
Joanna McCormick – Fed Karno's Fun Factory
Frog Morris – The Beast of Camberwell
Sarah Sparkes – The Camberwell Well
Scott Wood - 20 Wonders of Camberwell
With ceremonial music from the A Band
and to conclude proceedings, Scott Wood presents: 20 Wonders of Camberwell! (a talk with live illustrations)