Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stop The War

I will be showing my helmets at the Stop The War show

This art show is exhibited opposite FASHION IS FAKE art show. Both art shows exploiting the effects of imperialism and capitalism. Stop the war art show visually exposes inherent depiction of past and present war, through artwork by 47 artists from various backgrounds. Using mediums such as: photography, print, drawing, sculptor, sound, painting, video and photoshop.

Indra and Samia Gallery
19 Henriques Street
London, E1 1NG

Show opens on:
Friday 28th March 2014 at 6pm

29th March - 30th April
11:00am - 6:30pm

Aysha Almoayyed, Gzillion Artist, Vanya Balogh, Lorenzo Belenguer, Sooz Belnavis, Flora Bowden, Laura Liliyana-Raffaella Cogoni, Laura Collins, Ihtgw Continent, Sarah Doyle, Emily Fidela, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Lucia Hajnikova, Stephen Hall, Dannielle Hodson, Zara Iqbal, Olga Jurgenson, Kani Kaml, Amina Fiddle Sticks Khan, Hulya Kupcuoglu, Yousef Mashharawi, Paul Matosic , Joanna McCormick, Rachel Megawhat, Karina Mendreczky, Sian-Kate Mooney, Indra Moroder, Dominic Negus, Stefan Nenov, Diala Noureddine, Danielle Oke, Anna Ramasco, Li Li Ren, Rekha Sameer, Rebecca Scott, Rona Smith, Andrew Stys, Anne Sophie Trindade, Danny Pockets, Feline Vomitus, Mark Woods, Sean Worrall, 2Five8, Quiet British Accent, Hana Knizova