Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Galerie de Chien at The Canine Games

I will have a painting in the Galerie de Chien at The Canine Games this Saturday.
My painting is of Jean Harlow and Rin Tin Tin. Legend has it the movie star dog died in the arms of Jean Harlow.

Do come along and see lots of doggy themed events and art.

The Canine Games
Saturday 7 July 2012
Haggerston Park
London, E2 8QH

Artists showing work at the Galerie de Chein:
Sarah Doyle, Gavin Turk, Robert Clarke, Teddy Baden, The Zoom Balloonatic, Ace Rockman, Mutt Masterpieces, Ltd Edition Chien Merchandise, Punk Choir.

A percentage of proceeds from all the artwork shown goes to the PDSA