Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Abigail's Arty

A show about taste

22nd Nov - 21st Dec 2008

Private View: Fri 21 Nov 6-9pm

Alex Michon, Alex Virji, Antonio Gianasi, Ben Newton, Cathy Lomax, Chris Randall, Gavin Toye, Geraldine Swayne, James Unsworth, Jasper Joffe, Jimmy Conway-Dyer, Justin Pearce, Jonny Dawe, Kristen Cutlip, Lee Johnson, Mary Herbert, Matt Franks, Noah Sherwood, Robert Wornum, Phill Wilson-Perkin, Rose Gibbs, Sarah Doyle, Sarah Conway-Dyer, Tom Mason

Mike Leigh's play and film 'Abigails Party' was set around the changing attitudes of the aspiring middle classes of the suburban 1970s. It raised issues of social status - the keeping up of appearances - and the conflict of differing tastes.

The play finishes with the death of Lawrence, the arbiter of the 'high arts', following a night of cringe-worthy 'entertaining' by wife Beverley (Alison Steadman). She argues for her erotic painting over her husband's Van Gogh, her Demis Roussos over his Beethoven.

Abigail's Arty will transform the gallery space into a living space, showing art that's about contemporary taste.

Crimes Town
110 Church Street
London, N16 OJX

See images from the Abigail's Arty show here on Flickr