Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Whitechapel Late Nights

MAY 3RD at THE WHITECHAPEL GALLERY, E1 www.whitechapel.org

Special Writing/Visual Arts Show from 7pm. FREE.
Artist Sarah Doyle has collaborated with writer Amy Prior to create a innovative, unique piece where spoken words from their new book and sound meet with new hand-drawn animation: Bradferjerlina. New Tzadik signing Pamelia Kurstin provides an original soundtrack using the theremin (Commission for Whitechapel Late Nights Programme/Penned in the Margins)

*'I Can't Believe How Great I Feel' is a new limited edition book that combines a short story by Amy Prior with original artwork by Sarah Doyle. The book is a creative transformation of the story's trashy inspiration: the tabloid press and bad Hollywood blockbuster movies. Their work is especially inspired by extensive, conflicting but supposedly 'true-life' articles about the private lives of several well-known Hollywood actors - and also (interchangeably) by some of the similar fictional characters they play in Hollywood film. For a year Amy and Sarah gathered more than a hundred celebrity magazines, hung out in chain video stores and multiplex cinemas they never normally visited, scanned obsessive film fan sites online. Sarah made drawings; Amy worked with some of these - and also magazine photos, movie stills and dialogue, small 'true life' details from articles, quotes from interviews - to help her imagine a fictional story. The book is the result: a glamorous 'object d'art' that takes celebrity onto a new level.