Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feel Good Feel Bad Boys And Girls


"Feel Good Feel Bad Boys And Girls" will have it's private view on 30th March 2007.
Curated by Michael Jackson
Michael Jackon is above saying hello in front of his painting "paradise" from a recent show called "Light Sentence"

Lange Gasse 28, Augsburg, Germany.
Private View: 30th March 18:30 till late
30th March - 14th April 2007
Opening times: Fri, Sat und Sun 12:00 – 18:00

James Robert Ford, Daisy Clarke, Stella Vine, Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Gould, Juergen Brugger, Angelika Brehm, Nicole Tschampel

Press Release
  • Childhood, disturbed, random, belief, power (Daisy Clarke)

  • Faith, quotidian accumulations, magic, ghosts and cycles (Nicole Tschampel)

  • MY FARTS SMELL LIKE DEATH (James Robert Ford)

  • Childlike, provocative, romantic, autobiographical, desire (Stella Vine)

  • Sobriquets, Identity, Peer pressure, Codes, Attitude (Sarah Doyle)

  • Candy Floss, punch and judy, popular culture, low budget production
    and the silent movie (Rebecca Gould)

  • Farbe, Natur, Fantasie, Träume, Freude (Angelica Brehm)

  • LENI, LENI, LENI, LENI, LENI. (Juergen Brugger)