Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Tipping Point: Shapers

I am showing 'She Wants To Be Flowers' at  'The Tipping Point' at Bell House this May as part of The Dulwich Festival.

The Tipping Point

Bell House
27 College Rd
SE21 7BG


PV: 10 May 6 to 8pm
Exhibition open: 11/12 and 18/19 May, 11am to 6pm

Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar have been invited, by host Kim Thornton, to curate two rooms in Bell House, The Landing and The Gowan Room, in response to her theme 'The Tipping Point Magical or Malevolent? We took Octavia Butler's 'Parable of the Sower' as our starting point.

Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar  - Landing and Gowan Room, Bell House

Artists: Jonathan Callan, Chudamani Clowes, Sarah Doyle, Lydia Julien, Marq Kearey, David Leapman, Yair Meshoulam, Jane Millar, Stephen Nelson, Victoria Rance, Alke Schmidt, Lex Shute, Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson, Sarah Sparkes, Sara Trillo, Marianne Walker, Alice Wilson

Octavia Butler’s dystopian novel, ‘Parable of the Sower’, opens in 2024, when capitalism, wealth inequalities, repressive regimes and climate disintegration have led to a rapid and violent breakdown of society. The novel’s protagonist, 15 year old Lauren Oya Olamina, creates a new belief system, 'Earthseed', where the only lasting truth is change and where all the seeds of life may be transplanted and adapted to new situations and locations, ultimately, beyond Earth.

We are all entangled - humans, animals, plants, fungi, earth, water, fire, air – yet it seems that the human condition is to wait for tipping points, transformative catastrophes to precipitate urgent change and then, only as a means of return to an illusionary status quo.

Our artists explore a new awareness of change and exchange, a constant shifting of strange identities, the malleability of being, interspecies communication and the strength and vulnerability of community. We are imagining new ways to merge; ways to intelligently and sensually live in the flux of a perpetual tipping point.

Sarah Sparkes & Jane Millar 2024


Entrance Hall:  Lucy Bainbridge
MacAndrew Room:  Min Angel and Lucy Soni
Lutyens Room:  Léonie Cronin
Thomas Wright Room:  Kim Thornton
Upstairs -
Landing & Gowan Room:  Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar
Lucas Room:  Monika Kita

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Its Showtime - Camberwell Arts Festival Summer 2023


I have been commissioned to make an animation for this years Camberwell Arts Festival with the Theme Its Showtime. You can download a copy of the festival catalogue here with information about all the events happening.

Celebrate the actors, comedians, contortionists, performers and poets who have entertained Camberwell over the years. And visit our launch party and open studio weekend to discover the incredible contemporary artists on your doorstep. In between, there will be dazzling aerial displays, riotous record shop extravaganzas, silent cinema screenings and incredible interactive installations for everyone. We hope you’ll join us! To find out more please visit

Here is the info about my piece from the catalogue:
Sarah Doyle adds Dan Leno to her roster of Camberwell music hall legends. A local resident from 1898–1901, Leno influenced comedy legends such as Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin. He also transformed the role of pantomime dame, from minor character to the main attraction. He returned here following a nervous breakdown and was treated at Camberwell House Asylum with “peace and quiet and a little water colouring”.

Dan Leno

My animation will be a part of a trail of poster at music hall locations around Camberwell.

The latest animation incorporates a blend of rotoscope techniques, traditional animation, and strokes of watercolor painting. I have incorperated watercolour painting of the asylum where Dan Leno resided during some of his final days in Camberwell. It was here that a doctor prescribed him a remedy of “peace and quiet and a little water colouring”.
Throughout the animation, there are intertitles adorned with excerpts from Dan Leno's autobiography, accompanied by illustrations from the book. Among these, you will discover Dan's own hand-drawn creations, including a whimsical ink sketch titled "Funny Bones," humorously depicting an assortment of different bones. The soundtrack accompanying the video is a waltz known as "The Jolly Fellow's Waltz," performed by Arthur Pryor's band. I have added excerpts of Dan exclaiming, "It was very funny," which I noticed was a phrase frequently employed by him during the recorded moments of his stand-up routines.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Mind Your Head Art Cabaret Thamesmead : Wildflower Whoopee!


I am making work for Mind Your Head Art Cabaret Thamesmead : Wildflower Whoopee! which happens on April 15th 

Moorings Sociable Club
Arnott Close
SE28 8BG

Saturday 15 April 4pm - 9pm

Entry is free, please find all the details to book here

Danzability - Ian ‘Sunnyboy’ Tyson - Jules - Lady Unchained - Marcus Orlandi - Mentalless (Andrew Phoenix & Emma Wesslus) - Miyuki Kasahara - Sarah Doyle - Vibin’ n Marblin’ (Chloe Cooper and Jackie Walduck)

Compèred by Spruce Monkscyth & M’Lie-dee

For Mind Your Head Art Cabaret at the Moorings Sociable Club in Thamesmead we have a delightful and inspiring mix of live performers including visual artists, poets, magicians, and musicians based in Thamesmead, Abbey Wood and surrounding areas. There is a spring theme with an emphasis on growth, nature, and our relation to the built environment. It’s a Wildflower Whoopee! Named after the Wildflower Inn which was once part of the Moorings in its previous life, expect your minds to be blown in an evening of free live entertainment.

Mind Your Head Thamesmead is compered by 80’s TV-personality Spruce Monkscyth and his somewhat grumpy assistant M’Lie-dee, so remember to Miiiind Yoooour Heeeead!

Thank you to TACO & RTM (Radio Thamesmead) for the PA and sound.
The event will be photographed and filmed by Riordan Tyson.

Mind Your Head Thamesmead is supported by a London Community Foundation grant.
Mind Your Head Art Cabaret creates a supportive environment for live performance art, poetry, music, film, and 2/3D multi-medium artworks. Between 2017 - 2020 Spruce Monkscyth & M'lie-dee hosted Mind Your Head 1 to 4 in the basement of the famous Golden Anchor pub in Nunhead and in 2022 hosted 'Sea Creatures' Mind Your Head 5, Seaside Special at the Zuzushii Art Laboratory, a popular arts venue in Hastings. In 2023 Mind Your Head 6 is at the Moorings Sociable Centre in Thamesmead, South-East London. Mind Your Head Art Cabaret is an artist-led project by Calum F Kerr and Caroline Gregory.

Artist Info and Links

Danzability offers dance based personal development and inclusive dance classes, workshops and motivational talks. It was founded in 2015 by Kavina Pound and her daughter Bethany Pound Green, who are both living with disabilities. The pair, who also dance with Deptford Freestylers, believe that dance can help everybody live life to its full potential.

Ian ‘Sunnyboy’ Tyson
Sunnyboy Tyson was a figure in the London Pub Music scene in the late 90s- early noughties before entering retirement in 2008. In 2017, Sunnyboy joined Community Sound, a local community music project and appeared with them in the 50th Anniversary Thamesmead Festival. Subsequently, in 2019, Sunnyboy formed “Old Boys Blues Band”, who only perform in Thamesmead once a year.
Sunnyboy Tyson will be making a rare solo performance at Mind Your Head Cabaret.

Hailing from Thamesmead, South-East London; rapper, singer-songwriter and spoken word artist Jules depicts her stories and experiences through lyrical rhymes and experimental melodies. Proud of her Chinese ethnicity, Jules is ready to shake up the world of hip hop with her unique tone and style. Her latest EP 'IDENTITY: WHO AM I' is now available to listen to across all platforms!

Lady Unchained
Lady Unchained is a poet, a mentor, an award-winning broadcaster, a curator, a TedX speaker, a workshop facilitator, author and a radio host for National Prison Radio and is on a mission to prove that there is #lifeafterprison.

Marcus Orlandi
Marcus Orlandi is a contemporary artist based in London. He creates work in response to past and present day political and societal stories and movements that are referenced in performance, textiles, drawings and sculpture. He steals from both high and low-brow cultures that range from 1960’s conceptual performance art to professional wrestling and British sitcoms. He has been commissioned by Camden Arts Centre, Bodleian Libraries, Camden People's Theatre, Ty Pawb, Estuary Festival and was a previous recipient of the Kingsgate Emerging Artist Award.

Mentalless (Andrew Phoenix & Emma Wesslus)
In what might be the first Comedy-Mentalism duo show ever, you'll get unexplainable magic that will blow your mind as well as comedy, improv and exciting audience participation. A high paced show packed with illusions and humour. Perfect for lovers of both comedy and magic.

Miyuki Kasahara
Wildflower Oracle with Miyuki: Choose a card, each has a local wildflower on. What message does this wildflower bring? We can find it’s meaning.
Born in Japan and based in Thamesmead, Miyuki Kasahara’s work is research driven and addresses the impact of humans on the ecosystem. How we can find ways to reconnect with a losing grasp of the natural world and stop poisoning it and ourselves. She examines in her work the environmental factors affecting global issues, including that arising from politics and societal change.

Sarah Doyle
“She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls. You must not complain, then, if she goes hunting.” Sarah Doyle’s film “The Flower of Nature" features animated illustrations from a 14th century illuminated manuscript depicting otherworldly creatures. The film is set in Thamesmead and South London's waterways and serves as inspiration for a new performance combining elements of sideshows and "The Owl Service", a book centered around the folklore of Blodeuedd, a woman created by a wizard from flowers.
Sarah Doyle is a UK based artist she has shown her work internationally in Japan, New York and Germany. Solo shows include ‘The Nexus Treatment’ at Space Station Sixty-Five Gallery and ‘Celebrated Sobriquets’ at The Surgery London. Sarah studied Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London.

Vibin’ n Marblin’ (Chloe Cooper and Jackie Walduck)
Vibin n Marblin (Chloe Cooper and Jackie Walduck) make audiovisual performances where Chloe’s marbling responds to Jackie’s music and vice versa, resulting in immersive video projections and mesmeric vibraphone soundscapes. /

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sea Creatures! A Mind Your Head Seaside Special

I have my artwork "The Pods" in the Sea Creatures Exhibtion for the Mind Your Head Seaside Special live art cabaret

Exhibition Open Wednesday 29 June - Sunday 3 July 10-5pm

The art cabaret is on Saturday 25 June 3:30 - 7:30pm
Sea siren and salty sea dog mask making 3.30pm
Live Performances from 4.30pm
Magic Lantern Show and Closing Beach Ritual from 7:30 - 8:15pm

£5 suggested donation → book tickets 

26 White Rock
TN34 1JY

Mind Your Head Art Cabaret with your nautically transformed hosts Spruce Monkscyth and M'Lie-dee

Artists, Performers and Deep-sea Divas:
Caroline Gregory, Fumico Azuma, Frog Morris, Good For Nothing Poet, Jude Montage, Julia Maddison, Mikey Georgeson, Miyuki Kasahara, Monika Tobel, Montague Armstrong, Nicole Mollett, Saran Doyle, Saran Sparkes, Sparkes & Thompson, Spruce Monkscyth, Tim Can, Venetia Neville

Here is a great article about Mind Your Head from the Hastings Online Times

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Hydracity - Towards Watery Commons

I will be showing my new film 'The Flower Of Nature' at 'Hydracity - Towards Watery Commons' an Exhibition from 10th September – 26th September at the Thames-Side Studios Gallery with a programme of walks, performances, and interactive artworks curated by InspiralLondon.

Friday 10 September 2021, 6-9pm
exhibition opens Saturday 11 September 2021
Exhibition dates: Saturday 11 – Sunday 26 September 2021
Open Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm (except 26 September open until 6pm)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Unit 4 Harrington Way, Warspite Rd, London SE18 5NR

Hydracity asks us to observe and imagine London and its hinterland as watery environment, by inviting artists to re-experience this fluid, shifting and untameable environment. What is it that circulates beneath our feet oozing from the muddy delta of the Thames as we explore the interconnected labyrinth of watery commons intersecting urban spaces, that flow across, through and into us?

This exhibition will focus on our experience of these watery commons while exploring fluid collective co-creation. You are invited to collaborate in this artistic project to reimagine the city as a watery ecosystem. By re-evaluating the city as a space shaped by water, we’ll track the nature and extent of the radical changes wrought on the valley’s watery arteries, while creating alternative visions, and understandings.

Hydracity also re-imagines the city’s river system as slowly evolving tentacled organism, much like a hydra’s looping locomotion. By observing water – its capacity to merge fluidity and solidity – we can see it as a regenerative resource and even a metaphor for shifting times.  This ever-changing environment of the aqueous commons reflects something of the hydra-like city, whose ability to rejuvenate offers overlapping narratives for this complex watery labyrinth. For the exhibition at Thames-side Gallery InspiralLondon creates a unique sculptural labyrinth map that interacts with other activities, archives, experiences and with potential walks across the city.

Artists, artist groups and collectives have been invited to contribute to Hydracity, by coming together in this search for our watery commons. The exhibition launches a number of specially commissioned public artworks that includes Hydrodetours guided walks; performances; sound and sculptural installation; performative lectures; films and an interactive watery archive. Together, making alternative narratives for places, people and the landscape within London’s Thames basin by immersing ourselves in different ways of understanding the city’s waterways, and in experiencing the complex ecosystems and surprising biodiversity sustained by them.

InspiralLondon’s Hydracity is an artistic exploration of London’s urban environment and ecology through on the ground mapping with the aim to create a network of alternative histories, stories and experiences of the  commons. This collective art project is an opportunity for artists to re-imagine the Thames Delta as a fluid and dream-like ecosystem, unpredictable, ever shifting and dissolving and ultimately mysterious.

Exhibiting artists:
Will Brook, Ben Coode-Adams, Richard Couzins, John Churchill, Sarah Doyle, Gail Dickerson, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Rachel Gomme, Kadeem Graham, Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Milda Lembertaite, Morris & Mollett, Clare Qualmann, Anne Robinson, Alke Schmidt, Sarah Sparkes, Fiona Spirals, Ian Thompson.

Participating artist collectives, community groups and other organisations:
Art of the Magic Lantern; Blackwater Polytechnic; Bow Gamelan Ensemble; counterproductions; Clockhouse Community; East End Jam; Everyone Welcome Collective; HAAG; Hotel du Nord; le Collectif des Gammares; Kinetika: London Geodiversity Partnership; Metropolitan Trails; Platform; soundcamp.

Hydracity - Towards Watery Commons is part of a larger InspiralLondon project to explore and map the hidden, lost or undervalued watery commons of London and the Thames Valley Delta. Inspirallondon’s unique Hydrodetours Walks Programme runs from 30 August-26 September 2021.

For all times, where to meet and specific event information go to: (following latest Covid-19 regulations).

To book event tickets for any of the walks and events go here

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Hell Or High Water

Come ‘Hell or High Water' the show will go on! 🌊
Due to recent restrictions this event will now be online only.

I’m very pleased to be part of this show onboard LV21 a historic, 40 metre steel-hulled lightship transformed into a floating art space and performance facility.

A Weekend of art celebrating life’s transitions; tales of adversity, survival and inevitable transformation featuring artworks and performances...

My new work for the show "The Pods" features the boilers in the bowels of the ship.

My initial proposal for Hell or High Water was to develop my work along the theme of isolation which became much more relevant this year.

I love the space inside the Light Vessel 21 ship and particularly the area beneath deck, which to me resembles the images of spacecraft from sci-fi in TV and film. Ships are so closely tied to how we view space travel through the lens of sci-fi, we picture spacecraft slowly gliding through space like boats.

For Hell and Highwater I use the lower deck as a space to explore and extend my work inspired by sci-fi themes, isolation and the alien figure. Using the air receiver tanks as a starting point for the work as they resemble the isolation helmet designed by sci-fi pioneer Hugo Gernsback, editor of Science and Invention magazine. I picture these spaces as isolation booths or container pods for the work I made for the show.

All events and exhibition will be online so please check LV21 website for full details.

Curated by Caroline Gregory

DATE: 20-22 NOV 2020
TIME: 1200-1600


Janet Currier

Sarah Doyle

Rosalind Faram

Tracey Francis

Mikey Georgeson

Rachael House

Julia Maddison

Jo McCormick

Sarah Sparkes

Monika Tobel

Thursday, October 01, 2020

John Lennon Is Not Dead

Cat Kiss John Lennon, watercolour

Here is my painting for John Lennon Is Not Dead exhibition at Stash Gallery at Vout-O-Reenee's. The show curated by Harry Pye features works by 80 artists to celebrate John Lennon's 80th birthday

John Lennon was a cat lover since his childhood, growing up with 3 cats, he would cycle to the fishmongers each day to pick up fish scraps for his beloved pets. My painting is from a lovely photo of him with a cat affectionately booping noses together, something cats will only do with trusted friends.
I think this is probably one of the ten cats he owned when he was with his wife Cynthia.

John Lennon Is Not Dead
2nd - 24th October

The Stash Gallery
The Crypt
30 Prescot St
E1 8BB

Pre booking is essential, here is the link book tickets to attend the show: Eventbrite

The show runs until 28th October, with opening events on each Friday during this month.

John Lennon was born on October the 9th 1940 to mark his 80th anniversary 80 artists have made a work inspired by Lennon’s life and work. John Lennon’s Not Dead will feature; drawings, paintings, photography, and collage. There will also be some specially made music and animation and some surprise performances. Because of social distancing there will be 4 Fab gatherings (some of which will be filmed and then shared on You Tube) rather than one big opening party. Interested parties should contact Sophie Parkin to make an appointment to see the show.

The exhibition’s curator explains the title of the exhibition:

Harry Pye: “Some people believe you die 3 times. The first time is when your heart stops beating, the second time is when they put you in the ground, and the third time is when everyone stops saying your name. I still turn to John Lennon when I need cheering up or feel in need of inspiration, and because I’m not the only one, I feel it's reasonable to say, John Lennon is not dead.”

Artists taking part in the exhibition include Royal Academy painters such as; Chantal Joffe, Musicians such as Jerry Dammers, Cartoonists such as Tony Husband, and photographers such as Chalkie Davies. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

“John Lennon Is Not Dead” is a group exhibition curated by Harry Pye taking place at Vout-O-Reenee's, The Crypt, 30 Prescot St, E1 8BB for the duration of October 2020. Please note this celebration of John Winston Ono Lennon is unauthorised and 100 % unofficial. Vout-O-Reenee's is a private members club and pre booking is essential.

Magda Archer,  Julie Bennett, Gordon Beswick, Kirsty Buchanan,  Louise Camras, Bula Chakravarty Agbo, Billy Childish,  Jackie Clark, Emma Coleman, Jerry Dammers, Chalkie Davies, Ben Dickson, Sarah Doyle, Tinsel Edwards, Kevin Eldon, Hunt Emerson, Nat Foreman, Tine Frellesen, Christian Furr, Mikey Georgeson, Peter Harris, Kyle Hawkins,  Georgia Hayes,  Dan Hedley, Sadie Hennessey, Alice Herrick, Russell Herron, Marguerite Horner,  Tony Husband, Kim James-Willaims, Fabienne Jacquet, Jasper Joffe, Corin Johnson, James Johnston, Dominic Kennedy, Phil King, James Lawson, David Lock, Peter Lloyd,  Cathy Lomax,  Bob London, Lee Maelzer, Jo Mama, Jules Mann, Josie McCoy, Mark McGowan, Hugh Mendes, Mattia Milan, Richard Arthur Mittens, John Moore, Kate Murdoch,   Klarita Pandolfi Carr, Molly Parkin, Sophie Parkin, Harry Pye, Clare Price, Liz Purchase, Max Reeves, Micheal Restrick, Alli Sharma, Adrian R. Shaw, Rowland Smith, Duglas T. Stewart, Uzma Sultan, Liesel Thomas, Kath Thompson, Chris Tosic, John Turnbull & Sandra Turnbull, Twinkle Troughton, James Unsworth, Francis Upritchard, Natasha Vassiliou,  Julian Wakeling, Loretta Wall, Edward Ward, Vanessa Winch,   Leonie Woods,   Bonnie Wong,  Rose Wylie, Agnieszka Zapala

Here is a link to Harry Pye's Rebel Magazine Blog with examples of artists work from the show

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Camberwell Choiroke - The Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune

Mendelssohn wrote the melody 'Camberwell Green' for his piano pieces Songs Without Words when staying with friends in Camberwell. The piece became 'Mendelssohn Rag', also known as 'That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune'.

Commissioned for the 2020 Camberwell Arts Festival I have created an animation to celebrate the Camberwell Music Hall connection. This is set to a 4-part choral arrangement written by local composer Jordan Theis, which fits the 1910 Collins and Harlan recording of the song. We invited singers from Camberwell and beyond to create a virtual choir for this animation.

The singalong event and premier of this animation will be taking place at the opening of Camberwell Arts Week on Saturday 13th June

Here is the link to join the Zoom singalong

Meeting ID: 574 137 6960

Here is a lyrics video I made of the 1910 recording by Collins and Harlan to get the idea of the tune and to practice singing along:

Monday, June 01, 2020

Mendelssohn Rag - Camberwell Arts Week Singalong

Felix Mendelssohn wrote the melody 'Camberwell Green' for his piano pieces Songs Without Words when staying with friends in Camberwell. The piece became 'Mendelssohn Rag', also known as 'That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune'.

Commissioned for the 2020 Camberwell Arts Festival I am creating an animation to celebrate the Camberwell Music Hall connection. This will be set to a 4-part choral arrangement written by local composer Jordan Theis, which fits the 1910 Collins and Harlan recording of the song

We are inviting singers from Camberwell and beyond to crate a virtual choir for this animation. Whether you sing in a choir, in the shower, or haven't sung for years, we'd love to have a wide variety of voices to represent Camberwell and beyond.

Here is a lyrics video I made of the 1910 recording by Collins and Harlan to get the idea of the tune and to practice singing along:

To record a part:

Choose whether yo sing Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass.

Download the score and audio files -

Listen to the guide vocals. There is a separate file where Jordan sings each part separately

If you prefer to sing to a track without vocals, find the midi part in the 'recording parts' sections

Please listen to the backing track in your headphones and sing along, recording your voice only

You can use a phone, computer or microphone to record - it doesn't need to be brilliant quality, only clear.

Submit the recording to by Sunday 7th June

Don't worry if your attempt isn't 100% accurate - we'll be able to iron out many things in the editing process. The most important thing is to Jon in, have fun and enjoy the final result when it comes out during the festival.

The singing style should be light and articulate and text clearly. Think Cole Porter/Noel Coward!

If you have any questions, please get in touch at the above email.

The singalong event will be taking place at the opening of Camberwell Arts Week on Saturday 13th June

Friday, March 06, 2020

Picture Palace

Sarah Doyle, Viy, 2020, Gouache on paper, 18x25.5cm

I am showing a painting at Transition Gallery's final show at their current location. All the artists in the show were invited to create small works on paper inspired by cinema. My painting in the show is inspired by the Russian horror folktale film 'Viy' from 1967

Over 100 artists make work inspired by film

Transition Gallery

110a Lauriston Rd, E9 7HA London

8 March – 5 April 2020
Opening event: Saturday 7 March 6.30-8.30pm

Opening hours: Friday-Sunday 12-6pm

Works on paper about film by 100+ artists 


Michael Ajerman, Susan Aldworth, Carolina Ambida, Bridgette Ashton, Kim Baker, Oliver Bancroft & James Connelly, Mike Bartlett, Olly Beck, Julie Bennett, Sara Berman, Gina Birch, Andrew Bracey, Rose Bradshaw, Alice Browne, Jo Bruton, Kirsty Buchanan, Ruth Calland, Jennifer Campbell, Augustine Carr, Jacob Cartwright, Melanie Carvalho, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Ruby Cedar, Jackie Chettur, Jake Clark, Julie Cockburn, Paul Cole, Rosemary Cronin, Gordon Dalton, Horst Diekgerdes, David Dipre, Karen Douglas, Freya Douglas-Morris, Sarah Doyle, Annabel Dover, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Lucy Evetts, Luci Eyers, Grant Foster, Nina Mae Fowler, Archie Franks, Patrick Galway, Rebecca Gould, Damian Griffiths, Julia Hamilton, Susie Hamilton, Kirsty Harris, Stephen Harwood, Georgia Hayes, Roger Healey-Dilkes, Russell Herron, Carol Ho, Paul Housley, Marc Hulson, Tom Hunter, Henry Hussey, Timothy Hyman, Sam Jackson, Martina Jenne, Nick Jordan, Tash Kahn, Calum F Kerr, Paul Kindersley, Sharon Kivland, Lady Lucy, Peter Lamb, Laura Lancaster, Adam Latham, Debbie Lawson, Delaine Le Bas, Sharon Leahy-Clark, Simon Leahy-Clark, Mindy Lee, Robert Leech, Iwan Lewis, Hayley Lock, Cathy Lomax, Miranda Lopatkin, Fiona Lumbers, Gary McDonald, Stuart McKenzie, Jeff McMillan, Enzo Marra, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Nicholas Middleton, Tabitha Moses, Kate Murdoch, Paul Murphy, Louis Newby, Gary O’Connor, House of O’Dwyer, Marcus Oakley, Nina Ogden, Kim L Pace, Joanna Pawlowska, Alex Pearl, Lisa Penny, Paige Perkins, Cathie Pilkington, Vera Portatadino, Narbi Price, Harry Pye, Beth Emily Richards, Neal Rock, Melanie Rose, Mark Scott-Wood, Alli Sharma, Charlotte Squire, Keara Stewart, Heidi Stokes, Ilona Szalay, Kathleen Thompson, Mimei Thompson, Sadie Tierney, Joel Tomlin, Katherine Tulloh, Toby Upson, Jacqueline Utley, Jessica Voorsanger, Tom Walker, David Webb, Isaac Willis, Fionn Wilson, Joe Woodhouse, Isabel Young

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mind Your Head #4: Wild to be Born!

I hope that you can come along to Mind Your Head #4: Wild to be Born! Art Cabaret in Nunhead

I will be presenting a reborn star of the music hall who will perform a singalong with her audience in the newly born year of 2020. Songs which linger in your subconscious will be reborn on this night in Nunhead!

Mind Your Head #4: Wild to be Born!

Art Cabaret - Birth, Rebirth and Wild Things!

Friday 24 January 2020 7pm-11pm - £5 Entry on the Door

The Golden Anchor
16 Evelina Road
London SE15 2DX

Live Performances by

Nnja Riot - Wild Experimental Improvisation
(Lisa McKendrick)

Megan Cherie Owens - Cabaret Legend

Sarah Doyle - Music Hall Rebirth

Monika Tobel - Prehensile Pow-wow

Sarah Sparkes & Ian Thompson

Paola De Ramos - Praying Mantis

Art Auction with Sprucie, artworks by Julia Maddison and the performers

Your comperes for the night Spruce Monkscyth (Calum F Kerr) and Mi-lie-dee Caroline (Caroline Gregory)

The bar is set high but the ceiling is low - Mind You Head!

Due to steps to the basement Mind Your Head at the Golden Heart is not a fully accessible event

Thursday, September 26, 2019

West Norwood Artist's Yard Sale

I will be selling zines at the West Norwood Artist's Yard Sale on Sunday the 29th September.

I am selling some of my Leaders zines and other goodies alongside other artists who took part in the Chutney Preserves over the years. My Leaders zines were made for the Chutney 3 - The Voice Of Chutney!

The zines feature the leaders of cults along with a fact about each leader. Can you guess which cults these guys are the leaders of?
(Their names and the cults they led are revealed on the back page.)

For sale: prints, paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, objects, ephemera...
Artists groups, studios and collectives will be showing and selling work from car boots and tables. There will be music, cake, food and drink... 

Sunday 29th September 2019

Artists’ Yard Sale (aka an art car boot sale)
Rosebery’s Auction House Car Park
West Norwood
London SE27 0JD

Friday, August 09, 2019


Do you love the Supermodels of the 90s? Do you also love zines?
If you do then come along to the Transition Gallery SummerZine this Saturday, where I will be selling my series of new Supermodel zines.This one features my fave from back in the day Christie Turlington ❤️ Who is your favourite?

10th August 2019
12pm - 6pm

Transition Gallery
110a Lauriston Road
London E9 7HA

Celebrate summer in divine DIY style by visiting our self-publishing fete on Saturday 10 August from 12–6pm.

SummerZine will be a smorgasbord of special offers, inky delights, readings, workshops, paper-art, upcycling, postcards, artists books, prints, cakes and corsages!

1pm - Alex Michon 'Deciding to DIY' - the curator of SummerZine will give a brief talk on samizdat, she-punks and self publishing
3pm - Stuart McKenzie will be reading from his publication 'An Account of Frederick McKenzie Playing Johnny Cash Covers at Strangeways Prison, Manchester, 1973'

Other participating artists/publishers include Sarah Doyle, Liv Myers, Wind in the Trees, Bette Blanchard, Elizabeth Joseph (AFROZINE), Alli Sharma, Sophie Cero, Stefan Alexander, Rebecca Hilton and more and there will of course be some very special offers on Transition's own publications Arty and Garageland

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Miniscule Venice

I am currently showing a new piece of work at the Venice Bienalle in the Miniscule Venice, curated by Vanya Balogh. The work features miniature artworks no larger than a matchbox.

Miniscule Venice
Fondamenta Sant’Anna 996 Castello 30122, Venezia. Italia
11/05/2019 — 21/07/2019
Curated by Vanya Balogh
In Association with Cross Lane Projects,  Kendal.

Artists @ Miniscule Venice

Rebecca Scott GB, Danny Pockets GB, Cedric Christie Jamaica, Vanya Balogh Croatia, Piyali Ghosh India, Sarah Doyle GB, Emma Croft GB, Gavin Turk GB, Plinio Villagran, Galindo Guatemala, Teo Robinson Canada, Tomaz Kramberger Slovenia, Emanuel, Fanslau Germany, Jeanne Susplugas France, Marisa Polin Mexico, Mario Sanchez Varas Spain, Tiziana Mandolesi Italy, Katya Kan Kazhakstan, Noriko Uno Japan, Birgit Jensen Germany, Paul Hazelton GB, Sarah Pager GB, Ann Grim France, Christopher Clack GB, Natalia Ryabova Russia, Graham Tunnadine GB, Christina Lorimer GB, KeelerTornero GB, Jochen Saureacker Germany, Lucinda Burgess GB, Maria Jose Arceo GB, Toby Bricheno GB, Sarah Goldbart GB, Noel Grassy Macken GB, MIA C GB, Andrew Stys Poland, La Lianna Italy, Nerys Mathias GB, Venetia Nevill GB, Keith Ball GB, Gzillion Artist GB, Ray Gange GB, Ibby Doherty GB, Mahaut Harley Leca France, Olga Jurgenson Estonia, Liz Sheridan GB, Jessica Bailey GB, Daleya Marohn Ethiopia, India Roper-Evans Hungary, Guy Haddon Grant GB, Sarah Sparkes GB, Ian Thompson GB, Roger Clarke GB, Meriilis Riinne Estonia, Meg Shirayama Japan, Mandee Gage GB, Georgina McNamara GB, Deborah Bee Artist GB, Anita Bryan GB, Paul Tucker GB, Jon Baker GB, Dannielle Hodson GB, Tommy Seaward GB, Vanja Karas Serbia, Toni Gallagher GB,  Carole Pearson GB, Russell Terry GB, Cathy Gale GB, Lauren Baker GB, Beverley Isaacs GB, Athena Constantinou Cyprus, Alex Ruffini Italy, Michal Cole GB, Petra Lea GB, Spizz Energi GB, Dimtrios Oikonomou Greece, Carloline Gregory GB, Paul Tecklenberg GB, Pascal Rousson France, Veronica Shimanovskaya Russia/USA, Alex Ruffini Italy, Steven Pettengell GB, Melissa Alley GB, Joanna McCormick GB, Tisna Westerhof Holland, Kety Balogh Croatia, Maria Teresa Gavazzi Italy, Alice Herrick GB, Thomas J Ridley GB, Sarah Kogan GB, Susan Haire GB, Almuth Tebbenhoff Germany, Alex Hinks GB, Jason Gibilaro Brasil, Gabriel Mulvey Switzerland, Vera Jefferson GB, Jane Grisewood USA, Kate Gilman Brundrett GB, John Stephens GB, Anna Fairchild GB, John Plowman GB, Fiona McAuliffe Artist Forte GB, Penelope Payne GB, Keiko Owada Japan, Susana Sanroman Spain, Farah Ishaq GB, Anne Leigniel GB, Gina Southgate GB, Angela Wright GB, Katya Kan Kazakhstan, Susan Schulman USA, Neda Dana-Haeri Iran, Toby Morgan GB, Hermione Allsopp GB, Jim Roseveare GB, Maslen & Mehra GB, Riitta Hakkarainen Estonia, Fiona Haines GB, Steve Smith GB, Mary T Spence GB, Nicole Barclay GB, Natalija Jezova Russia, Carol Wyss Germany, Nicola Hicks GB, Geraldine Swayne Ireland, Elli Lestas Cyprus, Edward Croft-Balogh GB, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick GB, Ian Wolter GB

Friday, March 22, 2019

Miniscule Part 2

I will be showing a new miniature work painted with nail polish at the Miniscule Part 2 show at Cross Lane Projects

Miniscule Part 2
Curated by Vanya Balogh

23 March to 18 May 2019

Preview Friday 22 March, 6-8pm
Talk by the curators Thursday 18 April, 7pm

Cross Lane Projects
Cross Lane, Kendal,
Cumbria LA9 5LB

Exhibition details
Miniscule Part 2 could be regarded as a bijou sociological experiment; over 220 artists have taken up the invitation to submit a diminutive art object of any genre or media but with one simple proviso: the maximum size of the work is that of the common matchbox; 2” by 1.5”.
Thinking small and making small is a unique position and while some artists specialise in the miniature or reductive ideas and might consider it a regular part of their creative output, many more do not. For most of the artists participating in Miniscule, the format is an intriguing challenge; a stimulus or provocation; potentially a playful distraction from their standard artistic practice. The exhibition includes established and upcoming artists from the UK and around the world.
This diverse exhibition presents carefully considered, imaginative but seriously tiny, fragile art objects – an exquisite mass of breeding minisculism. As curator Vanya Balogh describes “Here we will find a toy-box destruction derby of high-concept in abject competition, a kaleidoscope cross-cut of current making and thinking but one set in an equal arena, although admittedly it may be biased towards the ‘less is more’ camp. Is an object to be judged by its size? Does size really matter? Can we say that the London Eye has more impact on the art world than a bicycle wheel?”
Miniscule Part 2 is a sequel to the exhibition Miniscule curated and devised by artists Vanya Balogh and Jim Racine, and presented at Oblong Gallery, London in June 2010.

Artists included in Miniscule Part 2 at Cross Lane Projects:
Ozgul Arslan, Kunbo Meng, Sarah Doyle, David Redfern, Jill Gibson, Martha Parsey, Paul Hazelton, Riitta Hakkarainen, Liz Sheridan, Thomas J Ridley, Marisa Polin, Sarah Pager, Anna Mortimer, Jim Racine, Meriliis Rinne, Bob Lawson, Mandee Gage, Mahaut Harley Leca, Anna Fairchild, Steve Pettengell, Tabitha Knight, Angela Wright, Maslen & Mehra, Tisna Westerhof, Penelope Payne, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Toby Morgan, Susan Supercharged, Susan Haire, Catherine Syl, Tracey Moberly, Fiona Haines,  Emma Croft, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Tiziana Mandolesi, Jeanne Susplugas, Ben Hopper, India Roper-Evans, Christopher Clack, Andrew Stys, Noel Grassy Macken, Thomas Behling, Michael Petry, Elli Lestas, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Vanya Balogh, Kerry Baldry, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Sooz Belnavis, Stefan Draschan & Kinga Jakabffy, John Plowman, Joseph Sakoilsky, Susan Schulman, Alina Gavrielatos, Piyali Gosh, Susana Lopez Fernandez, Venetia Nevill, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Keeler Tornero, Pascal Rousson, Vera Jefferson, Toko Yamamoto, Natalija Jezova, Toby Bricheno, Jason Gibilaro, Tommy Seaward, Sripey J Kemfor, Richard Ducker, Mary T Spence, Joanna McCormick, Christina Mitrentse, Dimitrios Oikonomou, Alex Hinks, Cadi Froehlich, Ibby Doherty, Mark Wigan, Spizz Energi, EC, Kate Terry, Rebecca Scott, Mark Woods, Alejandro Pintado, Stimulus Ltd, Karen Ay, Anne-Mie Melis, EDZ, Teo Robinson, Brent Wahl, Tim Lewis, Nina Atevic-Murtic, Louise Riley, Ingrid Zee, Mark McGowan, Viktor Popovich, Liz Bailey, Sol Archer, Daniel Devlin, FREEE, Urban XXX, Maurizio De Angelis, Geraldine Swayne, Emily Mould, Herzog Dellafiore, Bruce Mclean, Nina Saunders, Daniel Soyer, Petros Chrisostomou, Georgina McNamara, Francisco Da Mata, Kety Balogh, Bruce Campbell, Kate Stewart, Yanai Segal, Severed Heads Collective, Brad Pitts & Downey Juniors, Catherine Du Pont Marseille, Anita Bryan, Stacie McCormick, Toni Gallagher, Jane Grisewood, Clive Burton, Caroline Gregory, Jane Karan, Zbigzibni Morecki, Lizzie Sykes, JL Reed, Kate Kotcheff, Fiona McAuliffe Artist Forte, Nicholas Cheeseman, Desdemona Varon, Gabriel Mulvey, Rebecca Feiner, Amy Warwick, Julia Maddison, Gina Southgate, Sabine Wannenmacher, Neda Dana-Haeri, Gordon Faulds, Deborah Bee Artist, Nicole Barclay, Keith Ball, Hannah Campion, Nadia Ballan, Calum F Kerr, Cathy Gale, Andrea Robinson, Doug Haywood, Beverley Isaacs, Paul Coombs, Meg Shirayama, Alice Herrick, Dannielle Hodson, Jessica Bailey, Miyuki Kasahara, John Stephens, Vanja Karas, Maria Jose Arceo, Melissa Alley, Paul Tecklenberg, Yael Atzmony, Eti More, Avivit Segal, Arie Berkowitz, Sarah Goldbart, Olga Jurgenson, Alexandre Bianchini, Kaori Homma, Graham Watson, Heather Cowie, Kate Gilman Brundett, Jude Cowan Montague, Annie Luke Turner, Mike Healey, Atty Bax, Sarah Kogan, Liz Helman, Petra Lea, Natasha Vicars, Mona K, Noriko Uno, Keiko Owada, Rigulio Graak, Susana Sanroman, Nicola Hicks, Birgit Jensen, Jochen Saueracker, Julius Hinks, Stella Whalley, Lucinda Burgess, Cassandra Mahoney, Leila Houston, Tomaz Kramberger, Daleya Marohn, Michael Croft, Didi Nobin, Roger Clarke, Guy Haddon-Grant, Katya Kan, Roberto Ekholm, Patrick Colhoun, Graham Tunnadine, Sylvie Rodriguez, Ai Wei Wei, Ruby Alice McCormick, Hermione Allsopp, Nerys Mathias, Max Sudhues, James Bell, Sarah Sparkes, Mervyn Syna, Russell Terry, Sarah Buckle, Ann Grim, Eva Raboso, Andrea Morucchio, Ray Gange, Michelangelo Arteaga, Mario Sanchez Varas, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Dr Von Hugo, Nancy Fouts, Emanuel Fanslau, Gzillion Artist, Peter Suchin, Steve Smith, Ian Thompson, Martha Mai McCormick, Alan Ardiff, Gavin Turk, Cathy de Monchaux,  Martin Greenland, Charlie Whinney, Catherine Lorimer, Kate Davis & David Moore, Julian Cooper, Clayton Woods, Paul Tucker, Paul Sakolisky and Carole Pearson.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad

I will be showing new work at the Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad exhibition to celebrate Chinese new year, which this year is the year of the pig. My piece Baubo is inspired by the Goddess of mirth in Greek mythology. An old woman who was bawdy and sexually liberated, her family were pig farmers so she is sometimes depicted riding on the back of a pig.

Experience the myriad artist responses to the theme of Year of the Pig, 'Four legs good, two legs bad', a quote from George Orwell's prescient 1945 book Animal Farm.

Urban, underground, it is the contemporary art antidote to the flock wall paper & institutionalized art of the national Gallery just 200 yards away. Here, below street level you can encounter anything and probably will.

Chance upon a lone tap dancer, discover installations about
race, gender and migration. Hear Euro Asian electronic music, watch an adult interpretation of fairytale, the Three Little Pigs via Butoh Dance. Witness an invitation to dinner with a twist, visually consider capitalism and ecology, visit a paper theatre, and think about pigs in ancient literature. Walk on Brex-it poetry, question the meaning of wealth and happiness and much more. Energetic, irreverent, thought provoking and fun. We look forward to you joining us underground!.

#CNYLondon is the largest celebration in the world (outside Asia) with Trafalgar Square, Leicester square and China Town hosting over 300, 000 visitors enjoying everything from dragon dances, martial arts, parades to pyrotechnics and Chinese cuisine.

San Nin Faai Lok / Xin Nian Kuai Le / Happy New Year 2019

Curated by Rebecca Feiner / An Elements Gallery Project
For press info ;
Twitter :

Q- Park Leicester Sq, Whitcomb St, WC2H 7DT

Grand Opening: Sun Feb 10th- 12- 8pm
Other hours Thurs Feb 14th- 2- 7pm
Fri Feb 15th - 2-7pm
Closing event Sat Feb 16th - 2-9pm

Now in it's 7th year, Q-Park exhibitions were originally conceived by artist curators Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie supported by Geoffrey Leong Foundation with media partner Artlyst.

Q Park Leicester square , 41 Whitcomb St, WC2H 7DT London, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mind Your Head - Art Cabaret Healing Fires Purging Pyres

I have a small piece in the exhibition at Mind Your Head,  do come along and enjoy the healing fires at the Mind Your Head art cabaret!

Roll up, roll up it's the third MIND YOUR HEAD! Art Cabaret in the basement of the Golden Anchor in Nunhead on 
Saturday 10th November 7pm-10pm 

It's the season of Guido Fawkes and Halloween and for Healing Fires Purging Pyres there will be performances, music, poetry, a quiz, a ritual and an exhibition! Expect works on the consequence of fire, the tragedy, the positivity, the anger, the release. Come to Nunead and see…


Eugene Coyne (Music)

Grassy Noel & APE with Mai Butoh (Poetry/Music/Dance)

Montague Armstrong presents HAMMOND HITS (Music)

Out now on Linear Obsessional —

Stephen Micalef (Poetry)

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Healing Fires Purging Pyres Exhibition with Dylan Coates, Sarah Doyle, Helen Elwes, Tracey Francis, Frog Morris, Julie Pickard, Julia Maddison, Hugo Simms, Euphoria Synn and the performers above

There will be a Healing Fires Purging Pyres ritual and the chance to take part in Spruce Monkscyth’s Flaming Quiz Nite! Spruce will also be covering the Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s 'Fire' on its 50th Anniversary with accompaniment from Montague Armstrong. 
Your Hosts Spruce Monkscyth & M’lie-dee Caroline
Our regular haunt in the basement of The Golden Anchor is unfortunately not wheelchair/level accessible. Steep stairs down. We hope to do a Mind Your Head special in an accessible venue so watch this space!

The Golden Anchor, 
16 Evelina Road, Nunhead, 
London SE15 2DX 
£5 Entry on the Door 

With your Hosts Caroline Gregory and Spruce Monkscyth (Calum F Kerr)